Thursday, October 3, 2013

An old dog learning new tricks...

I grew up using a little 110 camera. It was a great little camera. I learned to create compositions and frame without Photoshop. It didn't exist.

I tried a camera a little more sophisticated, a 35 mm, but didn't like the results as well. So I went back to my 110. My little camera went to Yellowstone, Thailand, and Europe.

Then I couldn't find 110 film. They stopped making it.

Using a 35 mm simply wasn't the same.

Then everything went digital. Whoa! For the most part, I quit taking photos.

My BFF bought a new camera and sent the old digital to me. Perfect! The little critter terrified me. It sat in its box for months and months and months... Yeah, you get the idea.

This year's word, instead of New Year Resolutions, is CREATE.

I determined to learn how to use the camera. With BFF's help, I figured out how to take pictures. I couldn't figure out how to download them. I put it away for a while. I'd take occasional pictures, and they would sit in my camera, all alone and unseen.

Last week, BFF offered to walk me through the download process.


This rose was outside my window last April.