Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boxing Day...

Since servants usually performed their duties on Christmas Day, the day after Christmas, the servants were given gifts from their employers. In the various Regency romances I've read, the gifts have ranged widely, depending on the charity of the estate owner.

The less gracious aristocracy would offer coins and handkerchiefs or other trinkets. The lady of the house would require the heroine or some other poor maid to stitch and create the gifts given, then take credit for bestowing said gift.

The hero and heroine in the aristocracy, of course, would provide a box of gifts and food stuffs for each family as well as the day off. They would ensure each box contained something specific for each family, demonstrating an awareness of those dependent on them, including a monetary bonus.

Most of my employers, over the years, have provided a Christmas bonus of some sort, but usually given before Christmas rather than on Boxing Day.

I'm grateful for the lovely Christmas I enjoyed with friends and family.

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