Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Self-publishing adventure...


My novels are published through Desert Breeze Publishing. I'm grateful and proud to be a writer in their stable. My sixth ebook, Saving Lisa, will be published on December 21st.

This past summer, an idea for a series of novellas bloomed in my brain. I love holidays, and I love stories involving the holidays. The next thing I knew, I had a half a dozen partially written stories and ideas for almost a dozen more. They're too short to offer to DBP, so I decided to publish them myself through Amazon.

It's reaching my personal deadline, and I'm endeavoring not to panic. The first book is almost ready.

The account isn't ready at all.

Last night, I read through the agreement notice, all the legalese I find baffling and incomprehensible no matter how many times I read it. Amazon is asking for all kinds of information I prefer to share as little as possible.

Taking this one step, a baby step for sure, at a time, and praying for God to help my unbelief in my ability to carry this through or to provide a way I've not yet seen.


  1. keep breathing! (it keeps you from passing out on the floor!)

    1. LOL! Yes, yes, it does. Thanks for the reminder. ;-)

  2. Hey, I'm looking forward to this! Can't wait to buy it and treat myself. Hang in there with the legalese...

    Nina Benneton

    1. Thanks, Nina. I hope you enjoy it. I'm working out the final kinks now, the dreaded formatting. :-)