Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Challenge from FB...

Gail Delaney posted page seven of her current WIP and tagged seven other authors, including me.

This is part of page seven of Grace's Possibilities.

The past year never saw a truly warm day. She shivered, unable to remember the last time she'd been warm.

The year before she lost George at Waterloo. Before that day, she waited for news of him. The year before that, George married her to save her. How like him. He lived who he was in his soul. A knight, slaying dragons for his lady fair. Not only for his lady fair but for king and country.

Duty, honor, courage. A warrior.

In all her childish dreams, she never fantasized about a man fighting to rescue her. Her father cared for her, but always wished she'd been a son. When her mother died of influenza Hannah became her father's apprentice in his tailor shop, despite her young age. He preferred to pass the shop to a son, but Hannah would do. His sudden death, three years before, almost cost her the shop, but Benjamin saw to the necessary legalities, ensuring she did not lose her source of income and the only home she knew. Helping her, solidified Benjamin's decision in his course of study.

From the time she was a small child, there was only ever Benjamin for her. Gentle, patient Benjamin. Benjamin who hated violence and conflict. Benjamin who always smoothed every bobble and bump, who cajoled her from her tears.

George and Benjamin. Opposites in too many ways to count, and yet, in truth, simply two sides of the same coin. Both courageous in their own way. Both determined to right any wrong. Both made of a metal hidden behind a smile and prowess and diplomacy respectively.

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