Thursday, February 20, 2014

Attitude of Gratitude...

I confess, February, in my book, is the longest month of the year. I've survived the stress of the holidays but spring is still a month away. Clouds blow in and out. The changing barometric pressure isn't my favorite thing.

Several FB pages I'm following have reminded me of the importance of being grateful for all my blessings, even the little things that don't look like blessings.

Flowers are blooming. Beautiful.

My writing is slow but not at a standstill. A very good thing.

 I've enjoyed a few good books. Inspiring.

My friends and working team are supportive, encouraging, and helpful. Blessings, everyone of them.

The days are growing longer. Light is good.

One of my very unprofessional pictures of the bouquet Kim Padilla created for Valentine Delivery.

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