Tuesday, April 8, 2014


My dog was born over about a quarter of a century ago. She's been gone from this earth for too long. I miss her. Variations of her have appeared in a number of my stories.

Currently, I'm penning Tough Luck, the fourth novella in the Holiday, USA serial. I meant to publish the story, last month, but life happens. I hope to publish it soon.

The heroine is one Cindy Garvey. She and her friend, Liz Hartman -- the heroine in the fifth book The Blessing Basket, are opening a pet store in Holiday. Right now, the store is called Holiday Pets. Suggestions are welcome, though I prefer to keep Holiday in the name. I thought about Holiday Fuzzies, but I don't know.

The inspiration for this pet store comes from the store where I found my dog, Pets Inc. At the time, they sold purebred puppies, along with various other types of pets. They usually kept only one or two litters in "stock." One of the litters was special.

Pets Inc. had an agreement with the vet across the street. Anytime the vet received puppies to "dispose of," they arranged for Pets Inc. to sell them for a minimal cost, with a first puppy visit included in the fee. The puppy visit probably cost more than the dog was sold for. I don't know who the vet was, but I bless her every day. My dog was one of those special litters. She was half Australian Shepard and half something else. It didn't take long to see she was half black lab. She was 100% sweet and perfect for me.

When I created Holiday, USA, I knew I wanted them to have a pet store like Pets Inc., so someone else would have the chance to rescue a puppy and be rescued by a puppy.

I think Miss B was around 15 in this picture:

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