Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Beauty in every moment...

I endeavor to look for beauty in each day. Sometimes, it's difficult to find beauty in the moment when everything is falling down around your ears.

This year, I'm keeping a blessing jar. For the first two months, I successfully found something and usually several somethings to be thankful for every day. I fell, at the end of February, again, and it's grown increasingly difficult to find something every day.

I feel ungrateful. I'm not. God is good and has blessed me with amazing people and opportunities. I am grateful. However, when I lay the piece of paper in front of me and click the pen, I stare at the paper, my mind as blank as the paper.

Playing catch up is one of my least favorite games. I hate feeling behind, late, out of step.

Important changes: I've recently made a number of changes in my life that are affecting my regular routines.

Looking at my blessings list at the beginning of the year, I wrote about things: Books I enjoyed; beautiful flowers; gorgeous sunsets; etc.

The list has changed. Now, I'm more likely to list time spent with friends. This is a huge change. Perhaps not to anyone else, but to someone who spends most of her time alone this is momentous.

I'm still enjoying the little things like sunrises and sunsets.

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