Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sneak peek shared on FB...

Another Like was added to my author page on FB. Woohoo! As a thank you, I shared a sneak peek.

With Reluctant Knight turned in, I shared a snippet from the next Holiday, USA series, Just Friends:

"Uncle Dusty, why does Cowboy always wear a shirt?"

"I don't know." Dusty gave her a wry glance. "You want him to take it off?"

She blushed to her hairline. "No. I appreciate his thoughtfulness. With the other guys, I feel like they're saying, 'look at me but you can't have it' or 'you can have it, at the right price.'"

Dusty studied the men working. "Sometimes, it's to show off, but a lot of times it's plain hot."

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