Thursday, September 3, 2015

Editing in progress...

I received the edits for Reluctant Knight. My week is now booked. Enjoy pictures of the recent storm.

The blur is from the sheeting rain. ^^^

The puddles are because we received an inch of rain in less than a half hour, and the ground can't soak it up fast enough. Our soil is mostly caliche, clay.
 The storm was winding down. ^^^
 At 5 in the evening, we turned on the light so the flag wouldn't be in the dark.
It almost amazes me how there's enough water on the cement to create a reflection.


  1. Hi, Laurel. :) I tried to 'love' your post, but it wouldn't work for me.

    Fabulous atmosphere for editing... My kind of writing day. xx

    1. Thanks, Donna. Blogspot can be a pit persnickety, at times. Thanks for letting me know. :-)