Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Another blogger declared Pinterest a waste of time in regards to advertising and promoting. They saw no value of any kind for writers.

Yes, Pinterest can make time disappear. However, so can many other pursuits.

Pinterest offered a couple of benefits.

*I learned to manage my time when I visit. I allow myself to pin 15 items, and then I'm done. This keeps me from losing hours.

*I used to save links to pictures and articles in email drafts. The problem was that I had trouble finding some of them later. Enter Pinterest. Now, I'm able to save pictures and articles to particular boards. I didn't create boards for particular stories, at first. I was so excited when I figured out I could pin inspiration to particular story boards. Sometimes, as I'm writing, I'll open the accompanying board to help me describe particular places or things.

Added Bonuses:

*Sometimes, I need inspiration or a break.

*Sometimes, I'm looking for something particular. For example, I wanted an example of the MacDonald tartan for Secondhand Samhain. Yep, others have pinned it.

*Sometimes, I browse cookbooks like others browse magazines. I enjoy cooking and experimenting with food and recipes. I actually do try some of the recipes I pin. Some of the recipes have been good enough to keep. In order to make it easy to find them again, I have a board for pins I've tried.

Granted, many of the pins I'll never look at again. This does not diminish the value of a moment of inspiration, a smile, a laugh, a moment of awe, the birth of a dream, even a small one.



  1. This is interesting as a reason for using Pinterest. I have seen some nice things there, but as I don't have an account, I can't really look at them properly. I use Evernote in a similar way, for collecting links and articles and pictures into various folders. It's really nice to have a place to save those things you know you will want again later, for memories sake or for inspiration! I feel like I should check out Pinterest a bit further, though... :)

    1. I've heard of Evernote but never used it. Pinterest it what you make of it, like most things. :-)