Thursday, February 18, 2016

Posts About Me 4

This is the fourth in a series of posts about me. I hope these help you decide my books are worth the read. I also hope they help save time for those who have no interest in my books. I know there's nothing more disappointing than expecting one kind of book and discovering what I'm reading isn't something I'm interested in reading. Not all books in a single genre are the same. Authors in the same genre are as different as football players on the same team and cupcake bakers. A lot of similarities but no two are alike.

I use a lot of long words and less used vocabulary. In my Regency books, I enjoy peppering my stories with words and phrases more commonly used in the early 1800s. I even check to make sure the word was invented before I use it. The etymology dictionary on line is helpful. My contemporary stories also lean toward more variety in my word usage.

There is a reason behind both of these choices. I'm dyslexic.

Big books intimidate me. It isn't to say I don't read them. I do, but I have to really love the author, i.e., the writing. I know if I'm going to read a long book, I'm making a major time commitment. This is why I write shorter books. When I thumb through my Kindle books, I always choose the shorter books to read first.

Short paragraphs are another plus for me. I'm less likely to become lost. I'm endeavoring to use more long paragraphs of description occasionally, for those who prefer it.

On the other end, short easy words are the ones I'm most likely to misread. Oddly enough, I discovered it's easier to read long words, hence the use of big words and a wide variety in vocabulary. Really. It's easier to read the longer words and the less than familiar words. I don't know why. I only know it works for me.


  1. That's really interesting! Another great reason for a broad vocabulary. :)

    1. It wasn't something I realized until I endeavored to figure out the why. :-)