Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Beautiful, isn't it?

Beholding Him Ministries has been sharing Moses’ story and The Great I Am. As I read, the thought below grabbed hold of me. I thought about how God is a jealous God and does not relinquish what He has claimed as His own. He is willing to battle, even unto death and resurrection, to rescue His children and did. He is the ultimate warrior, fighting for each and every soul, including mine. He has claimed me, declaring me His, because I chose Him. My stumbling and falling, even when it’s flat on my face, doesn’t diminish His love for me, the tenderness He feels for me. He’s fierce in His determination to save me. The only thing that could separate us is me rejecting Him and battling to destroy His other children. Joining my life to His and choosing to help Him, He seals me His.

Author/artist Donna Keevers Driver provided the lovely picture, pairing it with a message that pierced my heart. It's something I need to remember, especially when I feel unworthy, and especially when I feel like I'm not enough.

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