Saturday, July 23, 2016

An experiment...

I'm attempting something new. Posting here to make myself accountable. I have a LOTR (Lord of the Rings) related mug in which I keep my dark chocolate Dove Promises. The mug was given to me by a friend when I missed an event. It sits above my computer, for the past five years.

Instead of chocolate... for the record, the chocolate has been moved to the frog planter that holds no plant. The change: I filled the mug with slips of paper. Each slip of paper has a suggestion:

Breathe ~ Slow 5-count inhale and 8-count exhale for 1 minute
Read a Chapter (of the current TBR {To-Be-Read})
PT ~ Physical Therapy
Bible (Read)
FB ~ Time on FB
Pinterest ~ Time on Pinterest

There are a few others I don't remember at the moment. Instead of choosing chocolate when I'm stressing, I'll choose a slip of paper and do the activity.

I'm not entirely sure what I hope to accomplish. Maybe I'll eat less chocolate. Maybe I'll be more aware of when I'm stressing more. Maybe I'll discover some other options for handling stress. Maybe I'll unearth other things to add to the options.

I've never done anything like this. The worst that can happen is nothing changes, except that's already beaten. Changes bring change. The only question is how much?

God bless.

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