Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tuesday Tidbit

I'd hoped to have "Giving Thanks" published by now. Unfortunately, allergies went wild, and my allergy medicines tend to send my brain on vacation. There's nothing for it but to ride it out and pick up where I left off when my brain finally decides to return. I did manage to write the blurb, the first rough (unedited) draft:

Michelle Bronson trusts Jesus changed her when she chose to follow Him, but she needs to own her past in order to embrace the life she wants to live. Running away from Holiday sounded like a good idea, but it failed to quiet her longing for home. Returning as Holiday Sweets' new assistant baker, will the past swamp her or finally be laid to rest?

Theodore Williams III lived his life as Mr. Straight as an Arrow, for the most part. He learned too late how harshly he judged others but thanks to renewing his commitment to Jesus he's determined to never repeat the mistake. Will he succeed when he's tested?

Placing God first opens doors never imagined...

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