Endless Knights series...

Endless Knights follows Endless Possibilities. Characters introduced in Endless Possibilities simply drew me into stories of their own. Available wherever ebooks are sold and in paperback.

No matter the age, a man of honor desires to prove himself, like a knight of old, to the woman who holds his heart. A woman of honor expects the man she loves to give nothing less than his best.

Bound by a past that forged a deep and abiding friendship, four men in Regency England seek to embrace the future awaiting them. One wicked man represents everything they despise and seeks their ruin, targeting them one by one.

Love possesses the power to change a man who gives himself over to its healing, something a woman knows intuitively, though past experience may teach them to be wary. Love requires a man reveal his vulnerabilities, his imperfections, his faults. God often sends angels to lend aid, and sometimes the angel is in the form of a woman, a helpmate, as imperfect, flawed, and vulnerable as the man for whom she's made.

Tarnished Knight

The Distressed Damsel

In 1817 England, Abigail Stewart is not the appointed estate manager. Her father, who was, is dead. The position should have been hers if not for the fact she's a woman. She's willing to go to any lengths to protect all she loves, including incur the wrath of the owner.

The Tarnished Knight

Jack Roper knows espionage and intrigue. Protecting King and country is his life, until a woman he's never met sets about demolishing everything he's worked to build for the purpose of attaining her own ends, regardless of what happens to him.

The Roper Estate

Without the baron present, Castle Sugan, the surrounding land, and the people living on it struggle to survive. All is not lost. God turns evil for good and changes hearts, but will Abigail and Jack choose to be a part of it...

The Rebellious Damsel

A baron's spoiled daughter, Cassandra Treyman's plans to escape her parents goes awry, and she determines to burn the Bible of the maid who ruined everything. One word captures her attention: Forgiveness. Is it too late?

The Reluctant Knight

Heir to his father's shipping empire, Richard Carrington's wealth fails to make a tradesman's son suitable for a baron's daughter. Her parents prefer to bargain her to an unknown suitor in India, a man Richard suspects may not exist. Why pursue an unattainable woman?

The World

Unscrupulous men and women conspire to gain what they desire no matter the cost to anyone else. Honorable men and women do what they may to follow God and aid in His work to save souls. Follow the world or follow God. Which will they choose? The consequences may cost more than they can afford.

Errant Knight

The Vicar's Daughter

At six and twenty and unwed, Penny accepts her status of spinster. She helps her father with the local parishioners of the duke's estate, often lending an ear to those too uncomfortable to speak to the vicar. Her simple life satisfies her. Serve the people of the estate, read to her heart's content, and stay out of the duke's way.

The Duke's Son

At six and twenty, Fitzgerald's goal in life is to avoid his father like the plague. That and chase down a ruthless criminal. Nowhere in his strategy is the renewing of a childhood friendship, even if she was his best friend.

The Inescapable Past

A duke desires to protect his secrets at any price. A vicar is helpless to protect his daughter. Is a son willing to defy his father to do what's right?

Knight in Disguise

The English Rose

Rose Ellington doesn't know the whole truth about her past and suspects it's for the best. She's content to live her life as it is, quiet, unnoticed. God hasn't shown any more interest in her than her father has. Since God doesn't bother with her, she doesn't bother with Him.

The American Lion

George 'Leo' Smith's life was spared at the expense of a man he admired and loved like a father. To honor the man, Leo honors God in everything he does, like a knight of old. The hunt for a slave trader who has threatened Leo's family, more than once, is nearing the end.

The Greatest Adventure

As one chapter comes to a close, God offers a new adventure, the greatest adventure in life. Love requires sacrifice, courage, and honor. Will the Rose and the Lion accept the challenge or choose the safe way?

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