Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Yesterday's conversation on FB...

Benjamin: Who is this upstart?
George: My protege, Leo.
Benjamin: Indeed?
Eric: I thought only heroes hung out here.
James: They do.
Jack: Brilliant. She's created another.
Richard: He's far too young.
Fitzgerald: For now.
George: He intended to play but a small part in my story.
Leo: My humble apologies.
George: Not your fault.
Benjamin: Indeed not.
Ian: Our lady manages to create chaos all on her own.
Jack: Without the least bit of help from us.
George: I think we manage to turn her world topsy-turvy, from time to time.
James: True enough.
Eric: Turn about is fair play.
Fitzgerald: Tell us, Leo, what is your story?
Leo: I know not.
Ian: Ah, a name only.
Leo: A bit of history, but the future is uncertain.
Richard: When is it not?
Leo: I fear you'll grow quite weary of my company, seeing how as I've no destiny, so to speak.
James: Nonsense. Jack's hung about for years, and we're not tired of him.
Benjamin: Overmuch.
Jack: Hang on--
Richard: Welcome, Leo.
Fitzgerald: Indeed, welcome Leo.
Eric and Ian: Welcome.
George: I am grateful and proud you've joined us.
Leo: I thank you.
George: Jack?
Jack: Yes, yes, welcome to our brotherhood, young lion

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