When Your World Blows Up...

Nikon Sniper made this post at his site Nikon Sniper: Mount St. Helens

Go read it. I'll still be here when you finish. And be sure to click on the picture! It goes full screen. Breathtaking.

A little background information. Nikon Sniper was touched by the downturn in the economy, like many of us. His job went away. He's been working toward finding what God wants him to do now.

Inspired from God for NS or me, I do not know, but with that knowledge in mind, this comment slipped out of my heart:

As I looked at this picture, I thought about how when you took this photo you had no way of knowing how your life was going to "blow up" in two years, and yet God gave you a peek into His ability to turn the most catastrophic events into awe-inspiring beauty, in His time. I need this reminder, too. My life "blew up" last January, and I've been fretting about the destruction and the lack of change, but God is creating something beautiful, if I will quiet my heart and allow it in His time.