Heroes on FB 2018...

 January 30

Alex: Hello? Anyone here?
Trace: What is this place?
Alex: Green room, of sorts.
Trace: Looks like a hero holding room.
Alex: Because it is.
Trace: Why didn’t you say so?
Alex: Green room sounds better than holding pen.
Trace: So heroes hang out here?
Alex: Until their story is published.
Patrick: I was beginning to think I’d been forgotten.
Alex: How long has it been?
Patrick: The last time the heroes were together was in December 2015, and I didn’t even have a part in the conversation.
Trace: Why are you grumbling?
Patrick: Adding insult to injury, she gave my story to you.
Trace: If she gave it to me, then it wasn’t your story.
Patrick: It was mine until you came along.
Trace: Get over it.
Joe: At least she remembers your name.
Kevin: She has to check her notebook for mine.
Daniel: You’re not the only one.
Todd: My deli was supposed to be the star eatery and then Holiday Diner came along.
Alan: My story was supposed to be told four years ago.
Karl: She misplaced my information sheet.
Jacob: At least she’s mentioned you in other stories.
Ken: I’m a side note.
Scott: She started my story and stopped.
Holiday Hero: I’ve a holiday and a heroine but no story title and no name.
Regency Hero 1: Bickering is pointless
Trace: You don’t have a name neither.
Regency Hero 2: Neither do I.
Regency Hero 3: Nor I.
Regency Hero 4: A bit humiliating.
Alex: The Four Musketeers before Dumas.
RH1: Who?
Alex: Before your time.
Jacob: Don’t worry about it.
Daniel: Is everyone here?
Alan: Looks like it.
Patrick: Alex won’t be here much longer.
Trace: Want a little cheese with that whine?
Patrick: I’m tired of waiting.
Kevin: Welcome to the club.
Alex: Life is good.
Ken: You’re chipper.
Joe: Why?
Patrick: His story is almost finished.
Trace: She finished the last two scenes.
Todd: In one week?
RH2: Good news indeed.
HH: What does it mean?
Alex: Edits are in process.
RH3: Gloating is most unbecoming.
RH4: Especially in a hero.
Jacob: Let the man cheer.
Alan: It’s proof our storyteller is back at work.
Patrick: Finally.
RH1: Welcome back, my lady. You’ve been missed.

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