Heroes on FB 2012....

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January 4, 2012

My Dear Miss Hawkes, I write with some trepidation that perhaps you have lost your way. It has been fully one month since last we saw you. Forgive our impatience, but we did leave us rather in a lurch, uncertain of the future. I would suggest pistols at down and breakfast for one, but that would quite defeat the purpose. If you might see your way past to continuing where you left off, soon, we would be most appreciative. Your Obedient Servant, J.Thorn.

Dear Mr. Thorn, I understand your concern. That being said, I have been busy with the details that will make it possible to share your story. I thank you kindly for your patience, and promise to pick up the threads soon. God bless, Laurel Hawkes

February 10, 2012

My Dear Miss Hawkes, Well over a month has passed since last we corresponded, and two interminable months since you left us at mid scene. I have heard from my sister you've finished editing her story, and from one of my younger brothers you've started editing his story. What of Miss L and I? Are we of no consequence in our little world, patiently - or not - awaiting for your long-awaited return. Perhaps a paragraph or two. Something, anything to give us hope. Your Obedient Servant, J.Thorn.

Dear Mr. Thorn, I understand your concern. That being said, I have been busy with the details that will make it possible to share your story. I thank you kindly for your patience, and promise to pick up the threads soon. God bless, Laurel Hawkes

My Dear Miss Hawkes, To reply in a form letter is not in the least comforting. You have besmirched my honor in seeing to the safety of Miss L. It is most vexing knowing I may not challenge you, but be warned, ma'am, I will follow you to the ends of the earth, until you return to your duty. Your Obedient Servant, J. Thorn.

Dear Mr. Thorn, Threats are not helpful. God bless, Laurel Hawkes. P.S. I wrote you into the story. I can write you out.

Dear Miss Hawkes, You can't write out your hero. Your O.S. J. Thorn.

Dear Mr. Thorn, I can make your life miserable. L.H.

Dear Miss Hawkes, Pray tell what is new? Y.O.S. J. Thorn.

February 17, 2012

Luck: Ummm... Miss Hawkes?
Me: *sigh* Yes?
Luck: James said if I pestered you, it might help move the story along...
Me: *grumbling* Who ratted me out?
Luck: James sort of noticed you worked on editing his story.
Me: Oh.
Luck: Anyway, what I really wanted to say was I appreciate the work you've been putting in on my story, well, mine and Sara's. I understand it hasn't been easy. You're doing great.
Me: Oh... thank you.
Luck: You're welcome.
Me: Anything else?
Luck: Nope.
Me: Oh. *sniffle* Thanks. It means a lot.
Luck: Sure. Keep writing.

February 28, 2012

Laurel, Grace here. Do you have to tell my story?

Yes, Grace. Your story isn't going to be out until next year.

I don't care. I don't want my story told.

What's brought this on, Grace?


Grace, not an acceptable answer. What have we said about lying?

*sigh* I know, but if you tell my story, then everyone will know my secret.

Yes, they will. There are people waiting to read it, and they need to know they aren't alone. You aren't either.

April 27, 2012

Luck: Where's Laurel?
Matthew: Is she missing?
Luck: I haven't seen her for a week.
Matthew: *smirks* She finished rough edits for our story, last night. Mayhap she needs a break.
Luck: She needs to do some serious edits on our story.
James: Why are you complaining? At least she's finished your stories. We're still waiting for our HEA.
Jack: HEA?
James: Happily Ever After.
Jack: Stop complaining. At least you aren't stuck in the first chapter, wearing a kilt.
*snickers all round*
Jonathan: Stand down, gentleman, our fair lady is attending her first writers' conference.
Jack: Do we need to mount a rescue mission? I'm a fair hand at those.
Jonathan: *one brow raised* No. This is a long-expected party.
Luck: She's at another Lord of the Rings conference?
Jonathan: *huffs* No. A writers' conference.
Luck: Tolkien was a writer.
Jonathan: You're hopeless.
Luck: No, I'm not quite finished, and it's unsettling. Wipe the smug look off your face. We don't want to hear about your story being with the editor.
Jonathan: Life is good, gentleman.
Matthew: She's worked hard. She needs a rest.
Jack: *whispers* I peeked at the schedule. It is many things, but restful isn't one of them.
Jonathan: It will be a change, for her, and she'll return soon, fresh, and inspired.
Matthew: So, we wait?
Jonathan: We wait.
Luck: God bless.

April 29, 2012

Luck: Is she back yet?
Matthew: Rumor has it.
James: Yes, but I've heard tell she's buried under correspondence.
Jonathan: Indeed. We may not see her for days, yet.
Jack: We'll prepared a rescue mission!
Luck: What is it with you and rescue missions?
Jack: I know what to do on a rescue mission.
Luck: Though not much else, I take it?
Jack: She hasn't written anything else.
James: Tough luck.
Luck: Do not go there.
Matthew: Anyone know where Mark has been in all this muddle?
Jack: Perhaps we ought to hunt him down?
Luck: What is it with you? Oh, sorry, that's right. Your character is still in the planning stages.
Jack: Need you rub salt in the wound?
Luck: Sorry.
Mark: Why's everyone hanging around here like lost puppies?
Jack: Laurel has been missing in action.
Mark: She isn't missing. She's been at the Desert Dreams Writers' Conference. She'll be home, today.
James: Pray tell how you knew.
Mark: I asked Grace.
Jack: You asked?
Luck: We may have to take away his man card.
Jack: What's a man card?
Luck: Jack, you really need to have your character embellished. It's sad.
Jack: So, you'll encourage her to work on my story next?
Luck: No. The line forms here.
James: At least now she's back, there's hope.

May 18, 2012

Luck: She's disappeared again.
James: Does Mark know why, this time?
Luck: Haven't seen him in weeks.
James: Where's Jack and his plans for a rescue?
Luck: Sulking.
Jack: I am not sulking, merely delayed.
Luck: Whatever you say.
Jack: Why are you complaining? She's working on your story.
Luck: No, she isn't.
Jack: Oh. Tough luck.
Luck: Do not go there.
James: Luck, you were the last one to see her. What did you do with her?
Luck: Nothing! She finished editing the first five chapters, and then she vanished. And where is Matthew?
Matthew: Shhh. She's working.
Luck: How would you know?
Matthew: Not my story to tell. Ask Jonathan.
Luck: It's all about Jonathan, isn't it? Jonathan!
Jonathan: Shhh. She's editing.
Luck: She was in the middle of editing my story--
Jonathan: No, Luck. She was in the middle of re-writing your story. Now, she's editing mine.
Luck: What's the difference?
Jonathan: With your story, she's still considering some major cuts and additions. With my story, she's fine-tuning, with the excellent help of her editor. I do hope the editor isn't shocked by all of the red marks.
Luck: The editor doesn't like her work?
Jonathan: Don't twist my words. Laurel is much harder on herself than her editor was.
Luck: So, I'm left dangling, in chapter six?
Jonathan: Not for much longer, and your plight would be considerably shortened if you'd give her a bit of peace to finish.
Luck: Calling me on the carpet?
Jonathan: Stating the obvious.
Luck: Only to someone who wasn't left sitting on the edge of a cliff.
Jack: Do stop whining, at least your story is actually finished.
Luck: True.

Sara: It's embarrassing to see heroes so insecure.
Caitlin: You can't blame them, not really. They believe in doing something, not sitting about.
Ellie: Why does she allow them to go on in such a manner?
Caitlin: I understand it was escalating, something about media and politics.
Lily: Perish the thought. Bless her for nipping it in the bud.
Sara: While still allowing our heroes to blow off a bit of steam, without causing any harm.
Lily: Spot on.
Sara: I'm happy for you, Ellie. Really, but I hope she hurries. It's disconcerting to be left hanging.
Lily: I know.
Sara: Sorry, I know you're still only three-quarters finished.
Lily: It could be worse. Jack's heroine doesn't even have a name yet.
Ellie: What a pity. No wonder he's always out of sorts.
Lily: Indeed.

June 1, 2012

James: I hear she's off again.
Luck: Shh.
James: What? Luck, you're the one who is always wondering where she is.
Matthew: She sent him to an editor.
James: I thought he wasn't due for another month.
Matthew: He isn't due at the Publisher for another month. She decided to hire an editor to help her work out a few bumps.
James: Oh. She's serious.
Matthew: So it seems.
James: So Jonathan is with the publisher's editor, and Luck is with a hired editor. I'm still undone.
Matthew: I'm next on the chopping block.
Jack: And I'm still in a most embarrassing situation, so where she is?
Luck: Arizona Dreamin, a Romance Readers Event.
Matthew: So I'm safe for the moment.
Luck: Yes, but Mark isn't.
Mark: Don't remind me. She's even taking the story with her.
James: Not such a bad thing, you know.
Mark: It is when you've thrown her a few curve balls.
Jack: A few what?
Luck: Baseball, Jack. You don't know what it is. It's a sport, played in America.
Jack: Oh.
Luck: In your lingo, he's created a bit of a hubble-bubble on several fronts.
Jack: Ah.
Mark: She started it.
Jack: She always does.
Jonathan: And she'll end it, too.
James: To be devoutly wished.
Jack: Once upon a time....

June 3, 2012

Jack: She's home!
Matthew: Shh… she's sleeping.
Jack: Still? Has she not been sleeping most of the afternoon?
Luck: Yes. She crashed.
Jack: Crashed? Was she badly hurt? What accident was this?
Luck: No accident. Her body quit.
Jack: Quit?
Luck: Oh, that's right. You need everything filled in.
Jack: Need you rub salt in the wound?
Luck: Don't need to, but I hate to pass up even a little bit of a laugh.
James: I heard she did a lot of laughing this weekend.
Jack: Glad to hear it, but what do you mean by quit?
Luck: She's cold from the inside out, to start, and sleeping it off is the only remedy she knows.
Mark: Not to worry, Jack. She'll sleep through the night, and finish catching up, tomorrow.
Jack: Then she'll work on my story.
Luck: *snort* Dreaming there, buddy.
Jonathan: Second round of edits arrived, and she'll be a tad busy.
Jack: Oh.
Matthew: Head up, Jack. She'll not forget you.
Luck: As if he'd let her.
Mark: Get in line, Jack.
Jonathan: The line starts here, I believe.
Luck: Speaking of rubbing salt in the wound. She started me first, you know.
Jonathan: Yes, but she finished me first.
Matthew: She'll leave none of us undone.
All: True. Sweet dreams.

July 18, 2012
Jack: So, Luck, a bit of a relief to see you're no longer rocking in the corner.
Luck: Praying, Jack. I was praying in the corner.
Jack: As you say.
Luck: I do.
Jack: So, everything is better?
Luck: Definitely. The re-write is done, and she's sent us off to her BFF.
Jack: BFF?
Luck: Before your time, Jack. BFF is a best friend forever.
Jack: Ah.
Luck: You know, you don't need to worry about any of this.
Jack: Mayhap.
Matthew: What sort of answer is that, Jack?
Jack: Perhaps she has something special in store for me.
James: Come now, Jack. What use would you have for such useless information?
Matthew: Jack, what are you thinking?
James: I don't know, but the look on his face is disconcerting.
Jack: Look? What look?
Luck: Leave her be, Jack. She's still working on my story.
Jack: You said she'd sent it to her BFF.
Luck: She did, for a quick check in continuity after the rewrite, but she needs to format and stuff.
Jack: Format?
Luck: Prep it for e-publishing.
Jack: Epublishing?
Luck: Books published on computers.
Jack: Computers?
Mark: Stop! Luck, you're telling him too much. He doesn't need to know.
Luck: I have an odd feeling he does.
Jack: Thank you, Luck.
Mark: I've got a bad feeling about this.
Luck: Don't go quoting Star Wars. Jack'll only ask more questions.
Jack: Star wars?
Luck: What did I tell you?
Jack: What is this war of stars?
Matthew: Cease this nonsense.
Jack: Why?
Matthew: You don't need to know.
Jack: In truth, I do. I had a delightful chat with our dear Miss Laurel Hawkes.
James: Indeed?
Jack: Oh, indeed, and I'm quite looking forward to what is coming.
Matthew: Pray tell, what is coming?
Jack: It's our secret.
James: Widgeon.
August 20, 2012 

Luck: Where's Jonathan going?
Jack: To fetch Elizabeth.
Luck: I want to fetch--pick up Sara.
Jack: You're not permitted.
Luck: Why?
Jack: Don't you know?
Luck: Would I be asking if I did?
Jack: You should know.
Matthew: Their end is near.
Luck: Their end? What do you mean their end?

Jack: Matthew's being dramatic.
Luck: It doesn't sound good.
Mark: Does he look like it isn't good?
Luck: No. No he looks far too pleased with himself.
James: Oh. Of course, their time has come.
Mark: You're saying their wait is over?
Luck: For what?
Mark: Their Happily Ever After, of course.
Luck: You mean…
Jack: Final formatting.
Matthew: Final what?
Jack: For uploading to various sites to enable downloading to a variety of devices.
Luck: What would you know about formatting, uploading, and downloading?
Jack: You would be surprised. What else have I to do with so little accomplished thus far in my life? It's pathetic, I know. By the way, you're next.
Luck: Will it hurt, do you think? Not that I'm worried.
Jack: Of course not. *snort*
Matthew: If Jonathan's countenance is anything to go by, it doesn't appear to be painful in the least.
Mark: Wish he'd left the door open a little longer. I'd like to have seen his Elizabeth.
James: You are not considering something so dishonorable as poaching another man's lady?
Mark: What is it with you Regency men? Of course not. He's been babbling about her for years. She's your sister, so you and Matthew already know what she looks like, but Luck, Jack, and I haven't had the pleasure of meeting her.
Jack: I don't suppose he'd smuggle us a copy of his story.
Mark: Why can't her brothers, James, Matthew, and Benjamin, tell us?
Jack: They only know the bits of which they're a part.
Mark: Pity.
Jack: Gentleman, buck up and kindly shut up. You at least are acquainted with your heroines. Mine still doesn't even have a name.
Luck: Sorry, Jack.
Mark: Yeah, sorry Jack.
Matthew: No offense intended, Jack.
James: Tough luck old man.
Jack: I don't suppose one of you would hurry our Laurel Hawkes along?
Mark: Sorry, it's my fault. I sprang a few surprises on her.
Jack: Should have known.
Luck: Hang in there, Jack. If there's anything you may be assured of is she will not forget you.
Jack: Of course not. I won't let her. I only hope to be a fraction as pleased as Jonathan.
Matthew: Godspeed, Jonathan.
James: Hear! Hear!

November 1, 2012 
Luck: Have you seen it?
Jack: Seen what?
James: Do stop preening.
Matthew: I believe his preening is both understandable and acceptable.
Jack: Preening about what?
Matthew: His cover was released.
Jack: But he isn't on it.
Luck: Of course not. The purpose is to reveal key elements in the story.
Jack: Are not the hero and heroine key?
Luck: Yes, but there's a code to covers.
Jack: Codes I understand.
Matthew: I'm not surprised.
Jack: No need to roll your eyes. Tell me more about this code.
Luck: It's changed with all the independent authors, but it used to be you could tell the heat level of a story by what was revealed on the cover.
Jack: Heat level?
James: Please, Jack, you may not be a well-rounded character, yet, but you are a man.
Jack: Oh.
Luck: Yes. Anyway, Laurel Hawkes writes stories with a rating of sweet or warm.
Jack: But does she not touch on sensitive subjects?
Matthew: She does, indeed, but she's quite skilled at saying enough but not too much.
Jack: I do wish she would reveal a great deal more about my story.
Luck: Don't worry, Jack. She will.
Matthew: After she finishes with my story.
Jack: You promise?
Mark: Not another word.
James: She's settling into her writing routines.
Jack: I'm not going to see her for a while, am I?
Mark: Sorry, Jack.
November 26, 2012
Jack: I've not seen Luck for a few days, now. I do hope nothing is amiss or befell the poor fellow. He's been in quite the state.
Mark: You don't know?
Jack: Know what?
Mark: He's gone.
Jack: Gone? What do you mean gone? He's so young!
Matthew: Jack! You widgeon, Mark didn't mean gone into the West.
Jack: Oh. Rush my fence, did I?
James: A mite.
Mark: He and Sara are published.
Jack: Oh. What…or should I say, who is next?
Matthew: Laurel is awaiting edits for me.
Jack: No need to be so smug.
James: Don't worry, Jack. He isn't. It's all false bravado. In truth, he's terrified.
Mark: Yes, I'm going through a re-write while she waits.
Jack: Pray tell, why should improving your story be unnerving?
Mark: You think you're safe, and then she uncovers another secret.
Jack: Oh.
James: Are you quite all right, Jack?
Mark: Yes, Jack, you look quite pale?
Matthew: Most intriguing. Care to share with the rest of us, Jack?
Jack: I have so many secrets.
James: Not for long.