Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Regency series...

Endless Possibilities series first follows the Thorn siblings...

Unexpected Possibilities ~ October 2013 James Thorn and Lily Milton

One Directive

In 1816 England, James Thorn, by his father's command, must marry a titled lady in exchange for his inheritance. He is granted one Season in London to accomplish the task or lose everything.

Two Stumbling Blocks

James suspects his inheritance is not as lucrative as intimated. The young lady for whom he must sacrifice his soul in order to inherit may not be worth the price.

And an Unexpected Distraction

Lily Milton, housemaid, earns the unenviable role of conspirator in her mistress' plan to hoodwink the young lady's suitor, none other than Lily's own knight in shining armor. Darker schemes lurk, with twisted intentions bent on destruction, but God never abandons His own.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Final edits are in...

Tarnished Knight and Wings to Fly are in. The first will be released on January 21, 2015. The second will be released on February 21, 2015. The paperbacks will be out a month later.

I'm sad to see the end of The Silver Locket Sisterhood series.

It's time to rethink my Holiday, USA series. I still want to write them, but clearly I need to create a better schedule.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

The gifts of Christmas started with a Child born in a manger, the Son of God, Jesus. This was followed by an offer of calm: Fear not. Then came singing. A star was given, heavenly guidance. Gold, frankincense, and myrrh. The value of the first is still understood the world over. However, the value of the other two has largely been lost over the years. I use the essential oil frankincense as a healing herb. I use a mix of the essential oils frankincense and myrrh on the tip of my nose to help me sleep at night. The scent is relaxing to me.

I bought Chris several years ago as one of my ways to Celebrate the Season:

All kinds of analogies pop into my head regarding Chris.

“Bloom where you are planted.”

Chris thrived, for a while, several years. This past year, Chris… fell apart. Really. Sections would fall off. I felt so badly for Chris, but didn’t know what to do. I suspect Chris needed to be repotted, but anything bigger won’t fit in my window. I’d toss the bits and hope Chris would recover. He didn’t. Two multisegments broke off. Only two leaves were left on Chris, and they looked dried and withered. I couldn’t bear losing Chris. He’d brought me so much beauty over the years. I decided to stick the segments left in dirt and see what happens.

I like single serving fruit cups. Works in my little food storage supply. I saved a couple plastic cups, filled them with dirt, and stuck the segments into the dirt. A quick watering, set on the windowsill, and wait and hope.

Months later, they were growing. They needed growing room. I transferred them to new pots, last week. Yes, I’m very proud.

You might not be able to change your location, but that doesn’t mean you can’t thrive.

Meet Chris’ offspring:

It's important I bend my will to God's rather than demand He bend His will to me. His plan is always better anyway. Here's to learning to better align my will with God in the coming year.

May your day be blessed.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Endless Possibilities is available...

...in paperback at Amazon and eformat wherever books are sold.

Hidden Possibilities ~ March 2013 Matthew Thorn and Caitlin Roper

In England, 1816, Caitlin Roper's history forced her to choose to never marry. Her contented solitary retreat at her uncle's Felliford estate ceased the moment a handsome gentleman tumbled into her life, bringing with him hopeless dreams she thought long buried...

Fynn, a name Caitlin chose for him, survived coming off his horse but without his memory fully intact. How often did God offer a man the opportunity to choose who he wanted to become without the hindrances of previous mistakes?

Torn between the possibilities hidden in the future and the secrets of the past, they both must choose...before time runs out and the past catches up, deciding the future for them.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Thursday, December 18, 2014

A bit of research fun...

I'm currently working on the edits for Tarnished Knight. Most of the book takes place at Castle Sugan, a place in my imagination. However, Jack Roper, Lord Roper, sails into Berwick-upon-Tweed from the Continent.

Every story I write includes research of one sort or another. I confess: I often become lost reading about the places I'm writing about.

I've visited the Berwick website and explored the town, even though only short visits are made to the town in my book. Reading about it, looking at the pictures shared on the site, gives me a sense of being there, combined with my own trip to England and Scotland years ago.

The history caught my attention as I double checked information.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Have you read the Endless Possibilities series?

The next book in the series will be coming out January 21, 2015.

A Promise of Possibilities ~ August 21, 2012 Jonathan Silverton and Elizabeth (Ellie) Thorn

In England, 1816, spinster Elizabeth Thorn has been more slave than servant as her father’s housekeeper. The courageous war stories shared by author Paul Silver inspire her to correspond with him. But after years of heartfelt letters, he stops replying...

Jonathan Silverton blames himself for the brutal death of his best friend. When he moves to the countryside and unexpectedly meets his correspondent, he chooses not to reveal his secrets. But he cannot deny his desire to marry her, while hoping she’ll never discover the truth. Shattered trust and faith may tear them apart...until they each learn a vital lesson.

Available in eformat wherever ebooks are sold and available in paperback at Amazon.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday Link Share...

Hope for the Broken Hearted shared a lovely prayer, including a beautiful picture and one of my favorite songs:

The Writer's Refuge shared three ways to connect emotionally with readers. I want to do this:

I like Patricia Johns' take on this:

Beth Trissel shares a lovely posts on angels:

Writers In The Storm shared a good post on Copyrights, specifically using songs and lyrics, recipes, and photos:

May you be blessed.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Looking for a novella to read?

Something short and sweet and sassy?

Explore the Holiday, USA series.

If you subscribe to kindleunlimited, all four stories are available as a free read. If you prefer paperback, all the novellas published this year will be available in paperback, hopefully by the end of the year. It will be my first self-published paperback. I'll keep you posted.

Book 1:

Welcome to Holiday, USA, small town America, where nothing happens, except holidays... and maybe a little romance, if the hero and heroine trust God.

Officer Tim Black moved to Holiday for a change of scene. He never anticipated wanting to change his single status at the same time, but the lady refuses to even date him.

Sandy Foster moved to Holiday to escape her dysfunctional family, changing everything about her life. Finding someone who wanted to share her life holds a never-ending spot on her uninspiring list of New Year's resolutions.

The tiniest misunderstanding and the willingness to set pride aside might make the difference between spending the New Year alone and a Happily Ever After...


Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sharing Links...

Little Birdie Blessings shared the Celebration of Advent:

Dyan Diamond is an inspirationalist, author, and Life Coach. I follow her blog for encouragement and perspective. Here's a link to one of her posts:

 Handmade. Homegrown. Beautiful Life is another lovely blog that brightens my day:

May you be blessed.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sharing favorite quotes and...

...lines from some of my favorite Christmas stories, every day on my Facebook author page.


Christ is the reason for the season.

...mas... Without Christ, there is no Christmas.

"Marley was dead: to begin with."

I'm looking for more ways to help me embrace the season. It can be tough for survivors.

I listen to Christmas music. I'm re-reading my favorite Christmas romance stories. I watch Christmas programs I enjoy. I'm adding a Christmas decoration every day. I'm working on Christmas gifts every day. I'm endeavoring to fill my mind and heart with the reason for the season.

May you be blessed.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014