Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Book due...

Book 2 of the Endless Possibilities series, Hidden Possibilities, is due soon. I'm finishing up my rewrite/edits. I'm one of those who edits until a book goes to print. I'm always able to see something that could be better, clearer, more in keeping with the setting, trade three words for one. I spend most of my time editing. I edit as I write (I can't help myself), and then I edit and edit and edit until the book is due, and then it's sent with the knowledge I've made it the best possible book, knowing the editor will find things to change. I'll also find things I didn't see before. A never-ending process. I pray the final product is as good as it can be. Yes, God is part of my process.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

My post picks...

Writers in the Storm blog shared some great spooky words...

Patty Froese invites Clare Ravell, who shares a recipe for Welsh Cakes and a bit of her newest book, which I've added to my Wish List:

Patty also previews her upcoming release:

I try to be careful. Linda McMaken posted a great article on Copyright usage:

June Foster hosts David Bond, yep a male romance writer, on her blog:

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wish list...

We all have them, whether you admit to it or not.

Here are a few things on my wish list:




I'm trying to make my Pinterest account more copyright compliant, so I've deleted some pictures and boards. I may eventually delete the whole thing, but not yet...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

This weeks post picks...

There are always so many blogs to explore. These are a few of my favorite posts this week:

Happy Birthday, Patty Froese!

Writers in the Storm on Immediacy:

I love A.R. Norris' Telomere speculative fiction. She shares the history of one of her favorite recipes. It's very sweet. :-)

Stephanie Burkhart shares pictures of the Shuttle Endeavor traveling through L.A.

For the writers, Celia Yeary posted an interesting article:

So many blogs... so little time...

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Do trailers matter?

You be the judge.

I love Lynette Endicott's trailer for her upcoming release The Return of Joy:


I've added this book to my wish list. It's out on the 21st.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


God will never put you through anything you can't handle.

Note to self: If you break, God will fix you, so He isn't worried about it like you are.

God offers me the opportunity to develop the trust. I decide whether or not I accept the opportunity.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sharing interesting posts...

I always enjoys post by Kris Tualla. Of course, I love her books, too.

Writers in the Storm shared a great post on physical therapy for writers:

Vijaya Schartz gives a bit of a history and geography lesson:

Patty Froese always has interesting posts. This one is on writing love scenes. (It's safe.)

Stephanie Burkhart went to the avocado festival. Yes, I'm green with envy. :-)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blogs worth reading this week...

I enjoyed them anyway. :-)

A.R. Norris, the Telomere Trilogy (book 3 is available this month WHOOHOO!), anyway, she had a post about marketing. I could definitely relate. I found the comments helpful.

AR also had an earlier blog on space travel. I thought it was cool.

Danielle Thorne talks about apples. Yummy!

June Foster shares a bit of her writing journey and a contest. I love June's books. Very sweet, Christian romance.

Patty Froese, another of my favorite writers, shared several good posts this week.

Tina Pinson shared an interesting post on the importance of voting. Worth the read.

I love book trailers:

Nurtured in Purple by Jude Urbanski:

The Return of Joy by Lynette Endicott

Baer Necessities by Linda McMaken

and Baer Truth by Linda McMaken

Do those look fun or what? I really need more time for reading.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Cookie Jar...

Abuse running in families is considered common knowledge. There are always exceptions to the rule. Perhaps to put it more diplomatically: It is not uncommon for abuse to be passed down from one generation to the next. Such an argument is frequently employed in court cases. I remember a PSA (Public Service Announcement) showing a little boy who is aged from small child to adulthood. The sound in the background is his father scream and threatening at his mother. The frames show the boy first horrified, then cringing, then embarrassed, mocking, and then screaming and threatening his own wife. The cycle continues until someone decides to break the chain of abuse. A chain breaker.

A chain breaker understands they need help out of the cookie jar and actively seek it.

Years ago, my sister and I discovered a card at DaySpring. Unfortunately, it was an ecard and, as far as I know, no longer exists, except in our memories. We refer to it often, to this day.

Frame One: A lovely, sunny kitchen, with a cookie jar on the counter.

Frame Two: Two gingerbread girls are in the cookie jar gazing up at the opening they can't reach on their own.

Frame Three: One gingerbread girl pushes the other gingerbread girl out of the jar.

Frame Four: The gingerbread girl who is out of the jar reaches down and pulls out the other gingerbread girl.

Frame Five: The two gingerbread girls toddle off into the sunset with big smiles on their faces.

Since I first saw the card, I've come to realize I haven't escaped the jar, yet. I still slide back. I may not escape in this life, but I keep trying. The old habits still pop up too easily, but I am doing better.

God blesses me with other survivors who aid me in my efforts to escape. I also do my best to help as many as possible, no matter how many times someone falls.

Thank you to all the amazing people who share the struggle, without recriminations. I would not be where I am, peeking over the edge of the jar, without your encouragement, understanding, patience, and love. I thank God every day for you.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Something to cheer me...

This is a link to one of the movie trailers to The Hobbit movie.



Tolkien is an amazing storyteller. When I first started writing again, I aspired to be like Tolkien. If I could write even a fraction as well, I thought it would be quite an accomplishment.

So if you wonder about my style, now you know from whence came my first inspiration.