Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last Conversation of 2013

Jack: Tis the end of another year.
Benjamin: And you're still here.
Lance: Harsh much?
Richard: What did he say?
Henry: Slang criticism for being overly critical.
Fitzgerald: More like rubbing salt in the wound.
Ian: Benji's still in a snit?
Fitzgerald: It's grown worse.
Jack: Indeed.
Benjamin: And would you not in my place?
Richard: Cheer up, Benji, it doesn't last.
Henry: You ARE a hero.
Benjamin: I fear the worst.
Fitzgerald: Is anyone else leery of the coming year?
Jack: Don't know why you'd be, old chap. Your story isn't scheduled for the coming year.
Fitzgerald: True, but I do make an appearance.
Benjamin: No! It's my story!
Lance: Benji, whining is unattractive. Just sayin'.
Benjamin: You sound like Jack!
Lance: Thank you.
Benjamin: You aren't sharing your story with a half dozen other heroes!
Lance: Actually, I am.
Benjamin: Oh.
Henry: And his is a novella.
Fitzgerald: What a lovely shade of red, Benji.
Jack: Stubble it, Fitz.
Benjamin: My humble apologies.
Lance: No problem.
Jack: As long as we stand together, we'll prevail.
Henry: It's what heroes do.
Ian: One for all and all for one?
Lance: This isn't "The Three Musketeers."
Benjamin: There are considerably more than three of us.
Ian: And more on the way.
Fitzgerald: How did you come by this information?
Ian: They keep peeking in the door.
Jack: Looking for room.
Richard: A proper London crush.
Lance: A what?
Jack: Regency slang for really crowded.
Benjamin: Shields up gentlemen.
Henry: It's going to be a year full of adventure.
Fitzgerald: Not a man will be lost.
Richard: Decidedly not.
Lance: Happy New Year!
Jack: Godspeed.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boxing Day...

Since servants usually performed their duties on Christmas Day, the day after Christmas, the servants were given gifts from their employers. In the various Regency romances I've read, the gifts have ranged widely, depending on the charity of the estate owner.

The less gracious aristocracy would offer coins and handkerchiefs or other trinkets. The lady of the house would require the heroine or some other poor maid to stitch and create the gifts given, then take credit for bestowing said gift.

The hero and heroine in the aristocracy, of course, would provide a box of gifts and food stuffs for each family as well as the day off. They would ensure each box contained something specific for each family, demonstrating an awareness of those dependent on them, including a monetary bonus.

Most of my employers, over the years, have provided a Christmas bonus of some sort, but usually given before Christmas rather than on Boxing Day.

I'm grateful for the lovely Christmas I enjoyed with friends and family.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Christmas Eve...

A few years ago, I discovered I enjoy opening presents on Christmas Eve. I stay up watching Christmas shows and open gifts at midnight. Then I sleep in, as much as I ever sleep in, and enjoy a leisurely day. This year, I'll take myself for a walk in the morning.

The reason for the season is the birth of the Christ child. Jesus came into the world to shine a light in the darkness, to provide a way Home.

Turning my life over to God has been the hardest thing I've ever done. I struggle with it daily. It's also filled my life with the most amazing miracles, but I miss them when I allow self-doubt and despair to hold sway. I never imagined I could do what I have, and I know without doubt I could not have accomplished what I have without God.

God bless.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Silver Locket Sisterhood series Book 3...

Saving Lisa is coming December 21st, available wherever ebooks are sold.

This is the first tag line I came up with: --God has His own ideas about adventure and relationships...

This is what I ended up sending in: 

Thailand offers new opportunities. Eric believes he's lost everything. Lisa believes she's nothing to lose. They're both wrong. God has other plans.

A New Job

Photographer Eric Hudson's home burns to the ground, along with all he owns. He accepts the only offer to salvage his career. No room exists in his life, or his heart, for anything beyond work.

A New Start

Lisa Montgomery is determined to leave the past behind and create a new life. In her effort to obtain refuge from emotional bondage, she lands in slavery of another sort.

A New Location

In 1985, Thailand offers exotic opportunities, but dangers lurk for the unaware.

A New Adventure

A complicated relationship with a woman who believes God solves everything isn't in Eric's plans. Lisa is challenged to live the truths of her faith. Despite bumbling attempts to hide from hurts and fears, guidance in the ultimate adventure awaits the imperfect souls who place their trust in God.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Happy New Year? is here...

My plan for the series is to publish three novellas in eformat and then print those three in paperback. So, if you prefer paperback, not to worry, it's coming. You'll only need to wait a little longer. 

Welcome to Holiday, USA, small town America, where nothing happens, except holidays... and maybe a little romance, if the hero and heroine trust God.

Officer Tim Black moved to Holiday for a change of scene. He never anticipated wanting to change his single status at the same time, but the lady refuses to even date him.

Sandy Foster moved to Holiday to escape her dysfunctional family, changing everything about her life. Finding someone who wanted to share her life holds a never-ending spot on her uninspiring list of New Year's resolutions.

The tiniest misunderstanding and the willingness to set pride aside might make the difference between spending the New Year alone and a Happily Ever After...


Saturday, December 14, 2013


I'd planned to publish Happy New Year? today. I don't think it's going to happen, but the day is still young. I added something new, yesterday, so I need to do one more read through. All the weird things I don't usually think about, title, copyright, etc, are done. The book WILL be published within the next week. Now, it's simply a matter of the final formatting details. I know enough about formatting to land me in trouble but not necessarily help me escape.

The metadata, otherwise known as the Hook and Blurb, is complete.

Welcome to Holiday, USA, small town America, where nothing happens, except holidays... and maybe a little romance, if the hero and heroine trust God.

Officer Tim Black moved to Holiday for a change of scene. He never anticipated wanting to change his single status at the same time, but the lady refuses to even date him.

Sandy Foster moved to Holiday to escape her dysfunctional family, changing everything about her life. Finding someone who wanted to share her life held a never-ending spot on her uninspiring list of New Year's resolutions.

The tiniest misunderstanding and the willingness to set pride aside might make the difference between spending the New Year alone and a Happily Ever After...

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Silver Locket Sisterhood series Book 2...

Mark's Grace is now more affordable at Amazon:


1983, California

Grace Williams loves her new job as the manager of Blink in Time, the art gallery Angelinos are raving about. Burying herself in work means she doesn't need to face the past.

Mark Callaghan, the gallery's curator, fell for Grace the first time he met her. Pursuing her is his other full-time job, but so far the relationship produces friendship, not love.
An old flame hunts Grace down. Mark fears his own affection for her may be too little too late.

Will Mark's patience and life-changes win Grace at last, or will her past destroy whatever future they might have shared?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Self-publishing adventure...


My novels are published through Desert Breeze Publishing. I'm grateful and proud to be a writer in their stable. My sixth ebook, Saving Lisa, will be published on December 21st.

This past summer, an idea for a series of novellas bloomed in my brain. I love holidays, and I love stories involving the holidays. The next thing I knew, I had a half a dozen partially written stories and ideas for almost a dozen more. They're too short to offer to DBP, so I decided to publish them myself through Amazon.

It's reaching my personal deadline, and I'm endeavoring not to panic. The first book is almost ready.

The account isn't ready at all.

Last night, I read through the agreement notice, all the legalese I find baffling and incomprehensible no matter how many times I read it. Amazon is asking for all kinds of information I prefer to share as little as possible.

Taking this one step, a baby step for sure, at a time, and praying for God to help my unbelief in my ability to carry this through or to provide a way I've not yet seen.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sharing helpful links...

Jennifer M. Eaton is "...dissecting the article Hunting Down the Pleonasm, by Allen Guthrie..." I'm finding it helpful. This links to the rule about pronouns.

Writers In The Storm's Vicki Lewis Thompson shares her tips for writing fast:

The Writer's Refuge shared his third most popular post. It certainly captured me as I read "A Christmas Carol" on the 1st to start my celebration of Christmas all month.

Tina Pinson shares her Pumpkin Cookie recipe and a story, along with her latest book:

God bless.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Silver Locket Sisterhood series Book 1...

Luck in Love is now more affordable at Amazon:


In 1983, housekeeping in the century-old Lake Yellowstone Hotel beckons to Sara Budge's desire to escape her abusive family. The summer break from college offers the time to determine her plans for the rest of her life.

Peace eludes Luck Williams, and the opportunity handed to him to photograph his favorite place on earth is irresistible. Even caught up in the pristine beauty he is unable to escape the haunting nightmares of one horrific day.

A fresh start doesn't guarantee the past stays in the past. The fragility and capriciousness of life guarantees pain and disappointment.

Choosing perfect serenity and safety over love and trust may spare dips into the valleys, but the awe-inspiring views from the peaks are also forfeit. God provides gentle inspiration and the precious gift of choice, for those willing to risk the leap of faith.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holiday Mail for Heroes deadline December 6...

I copied my sister's post from a couple months ago. I wrote mine the weekend before Thanksgiving. I had some Christmas postcards. I found an envelope big enough, dropped it on a scale, and added postcards until it reached just under 1 oz. Four postcards. I wrote them, popped them all in the single envelope, and mailed them. I hope they brighten someone's day.

Holiday Mail for Heroes:


Copied from the web page.

Card Guidelines:

Every card received will be screened for hazardous materials and then reviewed by Red Cross volunteers working around the country.
Please observe the following guidelines to ensure a quick reviewing process:

*Ensure that all cards are signed.
*Use generic salutations such as “Dear Service Member.” Cards addressed to specific individuals can not be delivered through this program.
*Only cards are being accepted. Do not send or include letters.
*Do not include email or home addresses on the cards: the program is not meant to foster pen pal relationships.
*Do not include inserts of any kind, including photos: these items will be removed during the reviewing process.
*Please refrain from choosing cards with glitter or using loose glitter as it can aggravate health issues of ill and injured warriors.
*If you are mailing a large quantity of cards, please bundle them and place them in large mailing envelopes or flat rate postal shipping boxes. Each card does not need its own envelope, as envelopes will be removed from all cards before distribution.

All holiday greetings should be addressed and sent to:
Holiday Mail for Heroes
P.O. Box 5456
Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456

The deadline for having cards to the P.O. Box is December 6th.
Holiday cards received after this date cannot be guaranteed delivery.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

A free read from me!

George Budge is a military man. He's survived the army for over seven years. The night before the battle at Waterloo, he endeavors to impart to his protégé what matters most.

Taken under George's wing when he joins the army, fifteen-year-old drummer Leo stands on the brink, more man than boy, facing the fight of his young life.

Life's unexpected twists demand uncommon fortitude, dogged determination, and unfailing courage. From time to time, God sends a pair of unlikely angels.

Will Leo accept the vagaries of war and choose death or allow God to reveal another way and step through the door with the boldness for which his mentor nicknamed him?


Didn't Jenifer Ranieri create a beautiful cover?


Saturday, November 30, 2013

Links to share...

Over at "A Woman Like Me" they shared a reminder I desperately needed right then. God is always watching out for me. I'm so grateful He has blessed me with so many angels in my life.

Over at "A Pen for Your Thoughts, they feature Sadie and Sophie, who created "A Woman Like Me."

Over at Michelle Levigne's blog, "Living Proof," she's spotlighting Desert Breeze author Saundra Staats McLemore:

J. Morgan made me laugh in his post "Born to be a Writer."

Writers In The Storm blogged about the Three Boxes to Avoid for the Holidays:

God bless.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving...

Fitzgerald: Did you hear what our lady called us?
Ian: Cowards, I believe, was the word she used.
Richard: Your outrage is understandable but of little use.
Leo: We need to discover why her feathers are ruffled.
Benjamin: We need not look far.
Tim: Jack?
Jack: What?
Henry: What's he done now?"
Jack: I take exception to the implication--
Benjamin: Stubble it. She's working on "Grace's Possibilities."
Tim: And "Happy New Year?"
Henry: Yeah, but you're in final edits, Tim. No more surprises.
Richard: Benjamin, it's your story. What has it to do with Jack?
Benjamin: Care to explain, Jack? Or shall I?
Jack: It isn't my fault.
Lance: Which means you're involved, one way or another.
Fitzgerald: Indeed. Explain yourself, sir.
Ian: Is he… blushing?
Eric: He is. Didn't know he was capable.
Lance: Bummer to be so old and caught off guard--
Jack: I am not old.
Lance: You're in 1816. You're old.
Richard: Ignore him, Jack, and do tell.
Fitzgerald: Yes, do tell. What have you done?
Jack: You make more of it than it is.
Leo: You're a good man, Jack.
Benjamin: Indeed?
Fitzgerald: Ah. Plot twist.
Richard: Intriguing.
Benjamin: Out with it.
Jack: I do not understand all the fuss. I made an appearance.
Tim: That's it?
Henry: Hardly worth mentioning.
Benjamin: Except he wasn't supposed to appear in MY book.
Jack: It does not last overlong. I promise.
Benjamin: I'll believe it when I see it.
Fitzgerald: Shall we note the possible duration in the betting books?
Leo: Our lady would take exception.
Fitzgerald: Not if she doesn't know. What?
George: You forget who she is. She'll know. Before we do.
Leo: We've surprised her a time or two.
Benjamin: Best to not annoy her.
Richard: Not any more than she already is, at any rate.
Jack: Precisely. She'll land you in places you never intended.
Henry: She does that anyway.
Richard: Truer words were never spoken.
Benjamin: Then she reveals your every secret.
Fitzgerald: Which explains your foul mood.
George: Gentlemen, we are at her mercy.
Richard: It behooves us to tread lightly.
Ian: At least we are assured she favors HEAs.
Leo: For the most part.
George: It's all right, Leo. I'm content. I turned out much better than when I first appeared.
Lance: Sounds like a story.
George: For another day.
Tim: In the meantime, we'll wish our lady's readers a Happy Thanksgiving.
Fitzgerald: Thanksgiving? What is this Thanksgiving?
Henry: An American holiday to thank God for all our blessings.
Eric: George Washington proclaimed, November 26th, 1789, the first national thanksgiving celebration, "as a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favors of Almighty God."
Jack: Celebrations of thanksgiving date back much earlier.
Benjamin: Attempting a distraction?
Ian: Is it working?
Henry: It's a busy time. It might be considerate if we allow our lady's readers to be about their business.
George: God bless.
ALL: Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Decided to explore a little family history...

If you go back far enough, you'll find a Budge in there.

Having attended many a Highland Game, I know the Budges tie in with the McDonalds. But I didn't know much more than that. This last weekend, I decided to explore on my own.

This is what I discovered:


God bless the internet. So much cool stuff is accessible at my fingertips.

I love the clan motto:

I am prepared to destroy evil.

Who knew it was in my blood?

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Newest book cover...

The book will be released December 21st. Carol Fiorillo created another beautiful cover.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I'm working on the final edit for Saving Lisa Book 3 in The Silver Locket Sisterhood series. Release date is December 21st.

For your bit of beauty of the day, this rose was in my front yard last spring:

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Links for the week...

Patricia Johns shares a little bit of Christmas...

Robert DuBois shares his book Powerful Peace on his blog. I took the opportunity to read it chapter by chapter as he posted it.

God bless.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Over on FB...

...my author page received another Like. Something worth celebrating. So I shared a paragraph from the rough draft of Happy New Year?

It wasn't the first time he'd planned to ask a woman out. It wasn't even the first time he was asking the same one. In fact, it was becoming a habit. He'd ask. She'd decline. Since the first day he met her. Each time, he'd let it slide and continue sitting with her in church. He'd ask again, and she'd decline again. After three months, could he be classified as a stalker?

Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day...

Thank you to all who have served.

Freedom isn't free.

May God bless you and your families.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

This week's links to share...

J. Morgan interviews Gwen Phifer, a book cover artist:

Beth Trissel shared the following link to The History Kitchen and the recipe to Raspberry Cordial as found in Anne of Green Gables, a book I didn't discover until I was in my 30s and loved.

Writers In The Storm shares more legality information:

 Genesis 5020 shares book reviews and inspiration:

Tom Sileo writes The Unknown Soldiers blog. He shares a post every Friday telling the story of our soldiers and their families you won't read anywhere else. God bless them.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Book cover debate...

I'm writing a series of novellas taking place in Holiday, USA. This is a whole new experience for me.

The first book is Happy New Year?

Sometimes, I'm too close to a project, so I'm seeking advice from my readers. Which cover do you prefer? Why? Please feel free to offer suggestions.



Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Yesterday's conversation on FB...

Jack: Where's James?
Benjamin: Published. Where have you been?
Jack: Acquainting myself with our newest arrivals.
Richard: Quite the horde.
Tim: No need to be insulting.
Fitzgerald: No insult intended.
Henry: Hazards of language changing through the ages.
Leo: Indeed.
Jack: Who's next?
Fitzgerald: I've heard it's a race to the finish.
Richard: Do tell.
Benjamin: A short story, a novella, and a contemporary are neck and neck… and neck.
Jack: Intriguing.
Fitzgerald: Entertaining.
Jack: Who are our competitors?
Eric: I'm the contemporary.
Leo: I'm the short.
Tim: I'm the novella.
Ian: Fascinating.
Jack: All through Desert Breeze?
Tim: I'm too short.
Jack: Our lady is adding more adventure to her life.
Fitzgerald: Honestly, the last thing she needs is more adventure.
Richard: From my observations, she can't help herself.
Eric: True enough.
Jack: Godspeed gentlemen.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

This week's links to share...

One of my good friends (so grateful for blogging) shared the following link:
I may need to take drumming lessons.

I loved Jennifer Slattery's post on rethinking failure:

God bless.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

NaNoWriMo is here again...

November is National Novel Writing Month.

Every year, I participate but I don't. That is to say, I've never actually sign up. I have, however, kept track of my word count. Last year, I met my goal, not to write a new novel but to finish one and work on two others.

This year, I have a book started I need to finish. I also have Novellas (20,000-40,000 words) or Novelettes (7,500-15,000 words) to write rough first drafts and re-write.

The idea is to write 50,000 words in a single month. I endeavor to keep Sunday a day of rest means about 2,000 words a day the other 26 days. I need someplace to be accountable. Since I post everyday on FB, I'll keep track of my word count there.

I'm looking forward to the coming challenge.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

An update on my writing...

I'm awaiting the last look at Saving Lisa, coming out December 21, 2013.

I'm working on Grace's Possibilities, the next book in the Endless Possibilities series.

I'm also working on Finding Home, the next book in The Silver Locket Sisterhood series.

I've created a series I've written for myself, but I hope other enjoy it as well. More on it closer to publication. It's my Impossible project. I never thought I could possibly do something like this. The next two months will tell.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

This week's links to share...

Writers In The Storm and color:

I find it interesting when unrelated blogs post similar topics on the same day. The Art in Life also posted about color:

Maybe it has to do with a quote I saw on FB: "I love the color October." I do, too.

God bless.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

One of my favorite breakfasts...

When I lived in Thailand, before I learned I'm allergic to eggs, one of my favorite meals was khai yat sai. I've included it in Saving Lisa Book 3 in The Silver Locket Sisterhood series. Here's a little sneak peek:

"...stir-fry ground meat and set it aside. Stir-fry the veggies and set them aside. Pour a scrambled egg or two or three in the pan. Roll the pan so it spreads out like a crepe. Cook for a minute or two, add the meat and veggies in the center, and fold the egg over it like an envelope. Serve with rice."

"You make it sound so easy."

"It is." He shrugged.

"What about the seasonings and wet ingredients the cook added?

"You mean the soy sauce and fish sauce?"

"Fish sauce?" Lisa wrinkled her nose and eyed her food.

"You liked it until I told you what it was," he chuckled. "You don't have to use it. Garlic and peppers are also optional, as you've already discovered. Thai cooking is pretty forgiving. A little bit of this, a little bit of that, a quick stir in the wok, serve with rice, and you're done."

"I don't own a wok."

"A fry pan works, too." He leaned forward and studied her. "Why are you making this harder than it is?"

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Unexpected Possibilities is here!

One Directive

In 1816 England, James Thorn, by his father's command, must marry a titled lady in exchange for his inheritance. He is granted one Season in London to accomplish the task or lose everything.

Two Stumbling Blocks

James suspects his inheritance is not as lucrative as intimated. The young lady for whom he must sacrifice his soul in order to inherit may not be worth the price.

And an Unexpected Distraction

Lily Milton, housemaid, earns the unenviable role of conspirator in her mistress' plan to hoodwink the young lady's suitor, none other than Lily's own knight in shining armor. Darker schemes lurk, with twisted intentions bent on destruction, but God never abandons His own.



Saturday, October 19, 2013

Links to share...

Genesis 5020 reviews books and offers giveaways to those who comment. I've added a few of the books she's reviewed to my Wish List. This is the link to last Monday's giveaway. You still have until tomorrow to enter.

A sweet, melt-your-heart tribute to love over at J. Morgan's. Well worth the read. Go, now. Click on the link, and it will even open a new window for you :-)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Another author on my Must Read List...

I recently finished Linda Goodnight's The Brothers' Bond trilogy. It was written back in 2006 and 2007 and recently re-released last year. I loved it.

Linda writes contemporary Christian romances. She's one of my go-to authors. When I want a good read and don't want to "risk" trying a new author, I go to one of Linda's books. My heart aches for her heroes and heroines in their struggles and rejoices in their discovery of God's love for them and their love for each other.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Endless Possibilities series Book 2...

Hidden Possibilities is more affordable at Amazon:


1816, England

Caitlin Roper's past demands she pursue a solitary existence. Her life as a staid and contented spinster vanishes the moment a handsome gentleman tumbles into her world.
Fynn survives the fall from his horse in body but not in memory. Is he beggar or thief? Gentleman or laborer? He must decide.

Hopeless dreams awaken, and the door to a new path opens. Complications abound when the worlds of class differences and propriety clash.

Torn between the possibilities hidden in the future and the secrets of the past, they both must choose...before time runs out and the past decides the future for them.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Added a new author to my Must Read List...

Dee Henderson writes contemporary suspense Christian romance novels. I recently finished her book The Negotiator. It was my first of her books, and I loved it. I'm going to start at the beginning of the O'Malley series and work my way through.

Her website isn't fancy, but it lists her books, the important information. :-)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Endless Possibilities series Book 1...

A Promise of Possibilities, along with my other books, is more affordably priced at Amazon.


In 1816, Spinster Elizabeth Thorn serves more as a slave than a servant as her father's housekeeper. The courageous war stories penned by Paul Silver inspire her to correspond with him, but after years of heartfelt letters, he ceases replying. Her father accepts a lucrative marriage bargain on her behalf, and her dream of sharing her life with a kindred spirit withers.

Jonathan Silverton blames himself for failing his best friend. To escape his shame, he moves to the countryside and meets none other than the woman he wrote for a decade. He dares not reveal his secrets, but he will not deny his desire to marry her.

Secrets breed distrust and misunderstandings. The past refuses to stay buried.

Shattered trust and faith may tear them apart...unless they each discover the courage to embrace the truth.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sharing interesting links...

Writers In The Storm shared some great tips in 7 Ways to Spark Your Writing with Golden Lines:

I love Susan Waverly's positive attitude over at A Woman Like Me blog:

Holley Gerth also shared a blog on being happy. Thanks, God. Message received. Finally.

Enjoy and God bless.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

An old dog learning new tricks...

I grew up using a little 110 camera. It was a great little camera. I learned to create compositions and frame without Photoshop. It didn't exist.

I tried a camera a little more sophisticated, a 35 mm, but didn't like the results as well. So I went back to my 110. My little camera went to Yellowstone, Thailand, and Europe.

Then I couldn't find 110 film. They stopped making it.

Using a 35 mm simply wasn't the same.

Then everything went digital. Whoa! For the most part, I quit taking photos.

My BFF bought a new camera and sent the old digital to me. Perfect! The little critter terrified me. It sat in its box for months and months and months... Yeah, you get the idea.

This year's word, instead of New Year Resolutions, is CREATE.

I determined to learn how to use the camera. With BFF's help, I figured out how to take pictures. I couldn't figure out how to download them. I put it away for a while. I'd take occasional pictures, and they would sit in my camera, all alone and unseen.

Last week, BFF offered to walk me through the download process.


This rose was outside my window last April.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sharing links...

Writers In The Storm blog shared a series of writing advice posts by Chuck Sambuchino:

The Writer's Refuge shared a great post for writers:
I use this myself. I actually enjoy writing in restaurants. I don't know why it opens the door to clarity, but it does.

Some blogs make me laugh. Thanks Patricia Johns for sharing the link to Tim Hawkins:

J. Morgan shares a humorous and delightful interview with editor and writer Ann Narcisian Videan:

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Khon Kaen Candy...

Sorry, no actual recipe. I know. Bummer.

This was a favorite treat when I lived in Khon Kaen. It reminded me of peanut brittle, only instead of hard it flaked like a puff pasty. Actually, it reminds me of Butterfingers only without the chocolate and not nearly as orange.

Peanuts are used in a lot of Thai recipes. Peanut sauce or simply the crushed nuts sprinkled everywhere.

For the record, I did a careful search, choosing words that hopefully wouldn't lead me to sites I didn't want or need to see, and didn't come up with anything useful. As a medical transcriber, I learned early how to search the web without accidentally finding sites I didn't want to find. A few searches have still landed me in some places I wish I could wash from my brain, even at only a glance. The "back" key is a great tool.

Hadn't intended this post to turn into web search awareness. The web is an amazing place. Some people use it for good. Some do not. I choose to be an influence for good. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Final edits...

Final edits are in the works for Unexpected Possibilities, book 3 in the Endless Possibilities series. It's coming out October 21st.

This is James Thorn's story, the oldest of the Thorn children.

If you'd like a sneak peek, take a look at his board on Pinterest, where I pinned pictures to inspire me.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Yesterday's conversation on FB...

Jack: Who are you?
Tim: I'm Officer Tim Black.
Fitzgerald: What new devilry is this?
James: Do my eyes deceive me?
Benjamin: Only if they also deceive me.
Eric: Will they all fit in here?
Ian: How many are there?
Tim: Sixteen of us.
Richard: Sixteen?
Tim: Don't worry. We'll file through pretty quickly.
George: Like me.
Tim: A little longer, but yes.
Jack: It's going to be a busy year.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mixed feelings...

Part of me rejoices and fearfully trembles as I step onto this path I've chosen to accept is laid for me. I believe it is God inspired. I'll follow it wherever it leads, checking in with God on a regular basis, all day long every day.

Part of me struggles to rejoice in light of the tragedy at the DC Navy Yard. I pray for the victims' families. My heart tells me the victims are safely in God's hands.

There are only two choices: Trust God or not.

I choose to trust God. It isn't always easy. God is strong enough for me to lean harder.

I may ask, "Why?" if my purpose is to seek understanding not change God's will. There are some things that cannot be understood without accepting evil exists in this world.

My comfort is in knowing God is in control.

I derive great comfort from my sister's question: If God heals us the moment He touches us, does it really matter if we are broken? The brokenness is only a small moment in the Eternities. Perhaps the most difficult thing of all is hanging on when all appears lost and accepting that God's plan to save frequently does not come easy or swift or in a way we expect.

Building trust is like building any other muscle; you must tear it down a little in order for it to come back stronger. Keeping holding to trust in God. He is ever faithful.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

This week's links to share...

Anne Gracie shared the think to the University of Bristol. They have exercises where you can practice your grammar! Yes, I actually find this kind of thing fun. No snickering.

Excellent check list from Writers In The Storm blog:

The Oatmeal shares a brilliant bit on the use of semicolons, apostrophes, who vs whom:

There are more. If I taught school, I would so have these posters in my classroom.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


It's been raining here. I don't know why rain encourages me toward introspection, but it does. I consider what I've accomplished but more the direction I want to head.

I have four books published. I have two more books in varying stages of preparing to be published. Unexpected Possibilities, book 3 of the Endless Possibilities series, comes out October 21. Saving Lisa, book 3 of The Silver Locket Sisterhood series, comes out December 21. A free read, Impossibilities, is coming out sometime.

I'm working on the next books due.

New ideas are bubbling like hot chocolate. It's fun.

I need to learn how to use my time more wisely, create routines, allow the stories to escape. To be honest, they drive me nuts sitting in my head. :-)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Joining in the day...

Today, I'm joining my Catholic friends in the call for prayer and fasting for peace in Syria.

God is in control.

Evil is real.

Jesus promised conflict in this world, but my Savior offers peace of mind and heart not of this world.

The Lord's Prayer

Our Father, which art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy Name.
Thy Kingdom come.
Thy will be done in earth,
As it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive them that trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
The power, and the glory,
For ever and ever.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Follow up on writing rules...

So what makes my MR (Must Read) List?

When reading fiction it's almost exclusively romance novels.

A good story. Yes, very subjective.

Characters who are smart and honorable. Unfortunately, the formula often runs toward witchy women and stupid men. It's the Hollywood formula. It's why I don't watch much television.

Regency and contemporary are my favorite genres. I also enjoy Western. A few of my favorite authors write Futuristic, Time Travel, paranormal, and other Historical.

If there are lots of grammatical and spelling errors, the author will probably go on my NRA list. I know it's also the responsibility of the editor, but I struggle too much with reading to add endeavoring to decipher what was meant.

I'm willing to put up with occasional swearing but using Jesus Christ as a swear word is a No-Go for me. He is my Savior. He suffered and died for me. It tears my heart to hear or read Him used in a vile manner.

Too much swearing and I'm yanked right out of the story. I know some authors would tell me that they are only being realistic. I read to escape reality.

As for the love scenes, treating the act as if it's the same at eating and sleeping, without an emotional toll, is irresponsible. The World likes to pretend it's no big deal. The World cheapens a sacred act. I've read authors who write very classy love scenes. I do not expect non-Christian books to adhere to Christian standards. I do expect love making to be treated with respect.

I look for writers with a healthy perspective. I'm an abuse survivor. Books are written by people with real life experience. I know that's an obvious statement, but sometimes I wonder how much readers think about it. If a writer does not have a healthy perspective on life as demonstrated through their writing, I don't need any more examples of unhealthy. I think I've got that one down pat.

I enjoy animals being added, if it's appropriate. I'm annoyed when animals are added for the awww factor but then forgotten. The heroine owns a dog, and what happened to her dog when she "spontaneously" spent the night with the hero?

Final test for keepers: Did I finish the book uplifted?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Writing Rules...

The Writer's Refuge blog is one I follow with instant notifications. It's a great blog.


As an avid reader, I don't agree with any of those rules. They've lumped all readers into the same bag and declared what we all want. I hate that.

Some of my friends want dialogue. Some want descriptions of the setting. Some want action right off. I've read books that start with a lightning flash or a clap of thunder or a calm sea, and it puts me right in the story. I wouldn't recommend it for every book.

I've read some prologues that should have been dumped. They were back-story that could have been more effectively woven into the main body of work. There are other prologues I'm glad were there. They contained necessary information I'm glad didn't clutter the story later.

I hate reading 'he said' and 'she said.' Once in a while is okay, but I love the variety of substitutes for 'said.' Yes, there are those who don't use them well, but when an author does a single word paints a whole new perspective. I see over and over the complaint of using 'hiss' as a substitute for 'said.' Is it overused? Yes. However, I've read dialogue where hissed worked effectively (not only in Harry Potter).

I've read books that followed these rules, and they bored me to tears. I skimmed them and the author went on my NRA (Never-Read-Again) list.

Looking at my favorite authors, they've broken all three rules on a regular basis.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Links to share...

Writers In The Storm blog shares tips for ending cheesy dialogue. I'm improving. This is helpful:

Awesome article from WITS about writing deep POV (point of view):

And a bit of encouragement for writers over at Girlfriend Books:

Donna Hatch shares a short list of Regency terms:

God bless.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

My introduction to Regency Romance...

I was introduced to Historical Romances through Victoria Holt and Elizabeth Mansfield.

Elizabeth Mansfield wrote Regency, sweet Regency.


I collected all her books.

Georgette Heyer is considered the Queen of the current Regency Genre.

I was delighted to find an easy reference to her list of Regency slang:


And of course there is Jane Austen. She lived in the Regency period. What more could you ask?

If you're new to Regency and want sweet romances, these are a good place to start. I admit I'm not a huge fan of Georgette Heyer. I have trouble reading her books. I don't know why. I'm dyslexic and need a certain rhythm in the writing. Shorter sentences and paragraphs help me keep track of where I am, which is less frustrating. However, a lot of Regency authors love her.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Graduation address in 2012...

Thanks to my BFF for sharing this link with me:


I need to learn to enjoy the journey. I do, but I think perhaps I allow the worries too much attention.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Excellent short story...

I'm a Donna Hatch fan. I enjoy her books. She's also a very nice person.

I also admit I was hesitant to purchase her short story Troubled Hearts. It's short. Really short.

It is a sweet romance.

It is well crafted and worth it.

This is what I envision a short story should be:

The characters are well developed. I'm able to visualize them with ease.

There is a beginning, middle, and end. It isn't an outline of what should be a longer story. It doesn't end so abruptly I'm left with the sensation of being dumped over a cliff. The characters and setting were clear in my head. I especially loved being able to spend enough time at the end to savor it.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Public speaking...

I haven't written an entire a speech since high school. I outline and rehearse in my head.

The only speeches I've ever read were readings from Lord of the Rings at Reading Day. I carefully prepared the readings as well.

I sang in choir. I've performed in skits. I've given numerous presentations over the years.

Warning to those who know me but probably don't know this about me: You might want to avoid me the day before I give a presentation. I know I come across as snappish.

What's really happening: I'm rehearsing.

The moment I'm asked to give a presentation I start preparing. I reflect on the topic. Somewhere along the way, I will sketch out some of my ideas, but I never write anything concrete. I will research the topic and follow possible ideas.

As the time to speak approaches, I narrow down my focus to a few points. I consider various stories to share. Once I create the general outline and stories I want to share, I rehearse it in my head, over and over and over.

Am I nervous when I speak? Yes. The adrenaline is pumping. I don't mind. I don't want it every day, but once in a while allows me to conquer the fear.

And then it's done, and I pray my message helped one person.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I belong to God...

I have a negative tape in my head.

"I'm stupid. I'm ugly. I can't do anything right. I'm not smart enough, pretty enough, good enough. I'm bad. I'm worthless."

It's a lie.

It turns on when I'm tired, when I've made a mistake, when I'm discouraged. Over the years, it has grown in length and intensity.

A few years ago, the Lord blessed me with some amazing friends who helped me stop lying about a lot of things.

But the tape didn't go away.

One of those friends shared the story of her Bible study group when they read Malachi 3:3 "He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver."

What did it mean?

One of the women volunteered to visit a silversmith.

He explained he must heat the silver in the hottest part of the fire in order to burn off the impurities. However, if left too long, the silver would be destroyed. He must watch it every moment.

How did he know when it was ready?

"Oh, that's easy - when I can see my image in it."

God places us in the hottest part of the fire to remove the impurities. He never looks away. Granted, he knows we are able to endure a great deal more than we think we can. Even so, He is there every moment, watching, waiting. He will not hold us in the fire longer than necessary. He knows we're ready when He is able to see His image in us.

This impacted me. I made many changes in my life.

The concept birthed the idea for The Silver Locket Sisterhood series. When Luck in Love was published, two of my friends gave me my own silver locket. There is a picture of me on one side and Jesus on the other to remind me I belong to Him.

At a writer's conference, (I'm sorry I don't remember who said it or it may have been a note to myself) I penned a note: They (characters) have to be willing to burn who they are in order to become who they want to be.

Was I willing?

The tape didn't go away. I've tried everything to turn it off. Prayer, scripture reading, singing my favorite hymn. Nothing worked. In fact, the tape grew louder.

I grew tired. I quit fighting. I let the tape play. It was familiar and strangely comforting, unlike the new creature I wanted to become. I didn't even know what she was supposed to look like.

Being a bit snarky, I egged the tape on.

"Is that all you've got? Can't you come up with anything else? You've plenty of practice and material, surely you can come up with worse things. You can do better."

The tape was increasingly boring, but it didn't go away.

Writers create "elevator pitches," something to tell a publisher or editor when you manage to catch a couple minutes of their time, or thirty seconds. I never developed the pitch because I sold the series without it. However, I needed something for marketing, business cards, etc.

A friend of mine loves yoga and shared an article about mantras.

Yeah, I had one of those. My tape put me to sleep at night. It was pretty long.

There was the first problem. Mantras are meant to be short, almost boring. Interesting enough to help you focus, but not so interesting it diverts your attention. It's purpose is to bring you back to center.

What was the essence of The Silver Locket Sisterhood series?

I belong to God. I am God's.

Would it work?

"You're ugly."

"Yes, but I belong to God."

"You're stupid."

"Yes, but I belong to God."

"You'll never be good enough. God couldn't want you."

"I am still God's. Should He decide to cast me off, it is His prerogative because I belong to Him to do with as He will. I belong to God."

The Savior bought me with His blood, not only on the cross but in Gethsemane, through the flogging, with the crown of thorns. He paid for me, in full. I am His.

There is no debate. It's done. Finished.

There is nothing we can do that is so horrible we can't turn back to God.

The only question is do I accept Him or turn away?

He never turns away. He is always there, beckoning, His hand stretched out, the hand where He carved His love for us.

If I turn away, I may turn back, and He is there, waiting.

The choice is mine.

He paid the price for each and every one of us.

I belong to God.

I am God's.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

A few posts to share...

Writers In The Storm gave me the encouragement I needed:

Beth Trissel's blog frequently affords me lovely escapes through her words and pictures:

Want to know more about the subgenre of Romance known as Regency? Donna Hatch presents an excellent introduction to Georgette Heyer, the Queen of Regency Romance. Yes, Georgette is safe enough for young girls to read. I also enjoy Donna's books.

May God bless you and yours.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Luck in Love is a finalist...

...in the Arianna Cover Art Awards in the Romance genre. Brava, Carol Fiorillo!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Yesterday's conversation on FB...

Benjamin: Who is this upstart?
George: My protege, Leo.
Benjamin: Indeed?
Eric: I thought only heroes hung out here.
James: They do.
Jack: Brilliant. She's created another.
Richard: He's far too young.
Fitzgerald: For now.
George: He intended to play but a small part in my story.
Leo: My humble apologies.
George: Not your fault.
Benjamin: Indeed not.
Ian: Our lady manages to create chaos all on her own.
Jack: Without the least bit of help from us.
George: I think we manage to turn her world topsy-turvy, from time to time.
James: True enough.
Eric: Turn about is fair play.
Fitzgerald: Tell us, Leo, what is your story?
Leo: I know not.
Ian: Ah, a name only.
Leo: A bit of history, but the future is uncertain.
Richard: When is it not?
Leo: I fear you'll grow quite weary of my company, seeing how as I've no destiny, so to speak.
James: Nonsense. Jack's hung about for years, and we're not tired of him.
Benjamin: Overmuch.
Jack: Hang on--
Richard: Welcome, Leo.
Fitzgerald: Indeed, welcome Leo.
Eric and Ian: Welcome.
George: I am grateful and proud you've joined us.
Leo: I thank you.
George: Jack?
Jack: Yes, yes, welcome to our brotherhood, young lion

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Posts to share...

Writers In The Storm Blog continues the series on Literary Executors. I need to think about this and make a decision.

Jennifer M. Eaton is sharing some great tips on improving writing:

Over at The Writer's Refuge, yes, it's like this:

God bless.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Short lesson on coconuts...

The Philippines may be the main source of coconut for the world, but I lived in Thailand, so my experience is centered there. In fact, the site below doesn't even mention Thailand.

Sorry, no pictures. The internet, however, is full of them. What they look like isn't nearly as important as knowing what's what.

Nasty lesson learned: Coconut milk is not the water inside the coconut. The liquid inside is coconut water. Blech! At least, I didn't like it. I dislike bitter, and coconut water is bitter.

Coconut meat is the white stuff on the inside of the shell. I've seen it in chunks and didn't see the purpose since it ended up grated anyway. Finally, there is the ever popular shredded or flaked. Sometimes it's sweetened and sometimes it isn't. The difference is noticeable, at least to me.

Coconut milk is all the liquid squeezed from the coconut meat. I still don't care for it straight, but I do like it mixed half and half with my lactose free milk. I use it in the place of milk in most of my cooking and in my frozen banana and powdered breakfast drink shake. I want to try coconut milk whipped, something I've pinned on FB. :-)

Coconut oil is my new favorite wonder home use product. I use it with a touch of butter (for flavor) when I make grilled cheese sandwiches. Coconut oil has so little flavor it's negligible. It's a little more delicate than butter, so also burns easily. I wouldn't use it for frying, but then I don't fry. Really. I'm terrified of being burned. Me and irons have had too many run ins. I do use coconut oil in the place of the butter in my box cake mix enriched recipe. I've tried trading it for the butter in my chocolate chip cookies, and it didn't go well. I use it on my skin instead of lotion or moisturizer.

Cool site featuring coconuts:

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rough around the edges...

Fitzgerald: Our lady appears a bit rough around the edges.
Eric: More like rode hard and put away wet.
Ian: I beg your pardon?
Jack: Horse jargon.
George: My fault.
Benjamin: What did you do?
George: Woke her at two.
Richard: This morning?
George: My most humble apologies.
James: No, George, it's my fault.
Eric: Actually, it's mine.
Jack: This should be good.
Fitzgerald: Explanations, gentlemen.
George: She's researching Waterloo.
James: She's been editing.
Eric: She wrote my story in one month.
Ian: She only writes one or two thousand words a day.
Eric: Not this time.
Jack: Do tell.
Eric: Five thousand words a day and then a complete rewrite.
Ian: She learned something new about herself.
Fitzgerald: She's created a new best to beat.
Benjamin: Shhh.
Fitzgerald: What?
Benjamin: She'll hear you.
Ian: Of course, she'll hear. She isn't deaf.
George: What are you prattling about, Benji?
Jack: Benji?
Benjamin: Stubble it, Jack.
Richard: Gentleman, it behooves us to help not hinder.
Ian: What may we do?
Fitzgerald: Encourage her competitive spirit.
Benjamin: I fear she'll wear herself out.
Richard: It is our duty to ensure she does not.
Jack: Encourage her without browbeating her.
Richard: Do you not see the irony of such advice from you?
Jack: I've not harried her of late.
Eric: It's true.
James: She's settling into a routine.
Jack: She is accepting she is a writer.
Fitzgerald: Now if she'll only give my cohort a name.
James: Here we go.
Jack: At least it wasn't me, this time.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sharing links...

Anne Gracie shares a Regency Slang Quiz. I earned 80%. I need to read more Regency. What a pity.

Patricia Johns shares a fun weekend, including pictures:

Beth Trissel shares a bit of an old family cookbook. I love cookbooks, and a cookbook with history is a treat all its own.

God bless.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday tidbit...

Hidden Possibilities Book 2 of the Endless Possibilities series, Chapter 5:

"I beg your pardon, sir?" Her pause was longer this time. "Did I hear you correctly? Are you saying you don't know your own name?"

Battling down his own rising panic, he attempted a weak smile.

"So it seems. Quite the fix, don't you agree? I might pass myself on the street and not know it."

What was her name? She'd told him. Ah, yes, Caitlin. Though she stifled a snort, he heard it, and then she had the temerity to giggle. He wanted to be offended. He should be outraged. He was in a terrible pickle, and yet she made no attempt to hide her mirth.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

This week's links...

Patricia Johns discovered creamer potatoes and asked a question I enjoyed answering...

Holley Gerth shares sweet and simple advice:

Excellent post from The Writer's Refuge:

Rewrite and edits are coming along.

God bless.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Making the perfect rice...

Start with good rice. Really.

Before I went to Thailand, I didn't care for rice. It was okay, but not great.

In Thailand, I discovered how amazing rice is. They have over 200 varieties, and you won't find much brown rice. It doesn't keep well.

Regular long grain rice is cooked on a 1:2 ratio. 1 cup of rice to 2 cups of water, with a bit of butter. I've used chicken broth, and it works well. Bring to a boil. Turn down and simmer for 20 minutes. Take off the heat, lay a towel between the pan and lid and allow to sit for 5 minutes. Absorbs some of the excess moisture, so the rice isn't sticky but fluffy.

It's also amazing cooked in the oven, but the recipe is a little more complicated and takes longer.

Why share something so simple? It took me years to master cooking rice.

Jasmine rice is 1:1-3/4 that's 1 cup of rice to 1-3/4 liquid. I've even used coconut milk. Loved it!

One of my favorite Thai dishes, is khao neeo mamuang. Mango with "sticky" rice, another variety. It's cooked in a straw rice hat. Jasmine works as well. Add a bit of coconut milk and sliced mango, and delicious!

Mango season lasts for approximately two months, so you make yourself absolutely sick on the stuff because you know you won't see it again for ten months. By the way, the mangoes in the US aren't quite the same. The Hawaiian mangoes are closer than Mexican mangoes.

Yes, I really enjoy cooking. I wanted to attend culinary school. Whole other story.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday Tidbit...

A Promise of Possibilities, book 1 in the Endless Possibilities series, chapter 5:

Matthew kissed his sister on the cheek at the Whitleys’ door. “I’ll return to escort you home in an hour.”

Ellie’s eyes narrowed. “You escorted me so you could meet Mr. Silverton.”

“Of course.” Matthew raised his brows. “I couldn’t allow you to meet him alone.”

“We did not know he would be there.”

“I couldn’t very well risk it, now could I?” He continued, in a droll tone, “Think what a scandal you’d have created.”

“You are being ridiculous.”

Saturday, July 20, 2013

A variety of links...

If you're a Jane Austen fan, you might like The Republic of Pemberley:

Writers In The Storm offers some good suggestions for overcoming writer's block:

The Writer's Refuge shares lessons learned about writing, from Paul McCartney...

Editing is coming along.

Saving Lisa has taken a few unexpected turns.

May God bless your week.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

One of my favorite dishes...

When I lived in Thailand, I used to eat khai yat sai on a regular basis.

Stir fry ground pork or chicken. Set it aside. Stir fry vegetables. In the US, I used zucchini, summer squash, tomatoes, and mushrooms. Set it aside with the meat. Fish sauce and soy sauce and garlic are added during the cooking, but since I didn't keep fish sauce on hand and my tummy isn't a huge fan of garlic, I only used soy sauce and only sparingly. Pour in 1-2 beaten eggs and roll the pan so the egg  spreads out into a thin layer, like crepe batter. In a minute or two, it will be cooked because it's so thin. Add the meat and veggie mixture in the middle of the egg "crepe." Fold the sides over the top, making an envelope or pocket. Serve over rice.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fun trivial moment...

Last Sunday, I noticed my Christmas cactus, Chris, was drooping a bit. I don't always remember to water him. He's a cactus, so he doesn't need a lot.

I slid him under the faucet and turned the water on, maybe a little too hard. Okay, it was too much.

I informed Chris, "Consider it an Arizona monsoon cloudburst," and returned him to his spot on the windowsill.

Moments later, I glanced at him and noticed water dripping of the roof outside my window, blue skies beyond.

My first thought was, "Oh, shoot. Why do we have water flowing off the roof What went wrong?"

Shifting my position, I was better able to see out side.

Hey, what do you know?

The street and the sidewalk across the way were wet. Taking a closer look, I was able to see the rain coming down. I moved to a different window.

Blue skies, sunny, and raining.

It took some maneuvering to finally see the clouds, but they weren't what I expected. Instead of dark and ominous (what we usually see around here when rain is involved), white fluffy clouds dotted the sky.

Thanks God for the rain without lightning. I appreciated it.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sharing this week's links...

My friend Patricia Johns shares her excitement: A book in print (it's on my TBR list).

Writers In The Storm shared an awesome post on Fearless Pitching, not my strong suit:

Over at Jennifer Slattery Lives Out Loud, she shares a fantastic post by Elizabeth Maddrey:

Holley Gerth shared an important reminder:

Over at Writer's Refuge, ideas on finding more time to write:

J. Morgan has written a YA with superheroes:

And finally, an encouraging list well worth reading over at We Are One:

Enjoy your week, and may God bless you.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Enjoyable read...

Lynette Endicott's Starting Over series Book One More Than a Job intrigued me and kept me turning pages until I finished it, in one sitting.

Trying new authors is a hobby. I did not realize this until recently. More books than I could possibly read in six months are queued in my Kindle and shelved on two bookshelves, if all I did was read. Choosing which book to read next is agonizing. Sometimes, it's a matter of not being able to bear the pileup anymore, so I dive in with the intent of reducing the piles. I'm successful, to an extent, until new books show up. Interestingly enough, if my piles dwindle too much, anxiety sets in and the next thing you know new books are shuffled onto my Kindle or show up on the doorstep.

I chose to try Lynette's book because she is a fellow Desert Breeze author. More Than a Job is a contemporary, spicy, inspirational read. The instant attraction between Paige and Josh drew me right in. I HAD to see how it all worked out. I wasn't disappointed.

I loved the support systems both Paige and Josh enjoyed. I was fascinated with how Paige goes about handling her world blowing up in her face. I even took notes for future reference. :-) Josh's honor endeared him to me forever. :-)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

This week's links to share...

Everyone should be blessed with a friendship similar to the one Patricia Johns shares with someone she's known a while:

Number One London has been sharing an amazing travel log; her trip to England with her husband. It's brilliant. :-)

This week, Number One London also had a guest post by M. Denise C., who  shared her first visit to London:

Jennifer Slattery has compiled a group of inspirational stories in Sweet Freedom. Here's the link to her blog:
It's free on Kindle through 7 July. I've downloaded mine and look forward to reading it.

Brettworks shared an interesting piece on writing:

Holley Gerth celebrates Independence Day opening her gift of Freedom (short and well worth the read):

At Writers In The Storm, Steena Holmes talks about Newsletters:
I confess: I don't have one yet.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day...

May God bless us with courage to stand for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

May God bless those who choose to fight for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

May God bless the families of those who gave all in the defense of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

(Photo from a free share site)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

One of my favorite inspirational authors...

I recently finished Teri Wilson's latest book, Alaskan Hero. It's the second book in her Alaska series. The first is Alaskan Hearts. She writes very sweet romances with strong Christian themes. Her stories lift my spirit, always touching something going on in my life at the time.

Of course, there's an extra special place in my heart for her stories because she always includes dogs.

The first Teri Wilson book I read was Cup of Joe. I loved it and have purchased every one of her books I could find.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sharing links...

NikonSniper is one of my favorite photographers. My sister introduced me to his website. He is a fellow Christian. This past week he shared a call to follow Jesus and an article by John MacArthur. It gave me the opportunity to examine where I am in my faith. Am I still endeavoring to follow Jesus, or am I becoming complacent? It was good to see I've grown and strengthened my faith.

Awesome post by Pamela Morsi over at Writers In The Storm. Well, it was awesome to me because I write like this:

Delores Goodrick Beggs shares a charming memory of her mother:

A.R. Norris, Sci-Fi romance writer, is involved in a blog hop, with book giveaways:

Sandra Sookoo shares a snippet of her book being released on July 11th, over at her blog Believing is Seeing. I'm a bit of a foodie, so it caught my attention and landed on my wish list:

Writers In The Storm had a final review of Falling in Love, including links to the first four parts:

God bless.