Heroes on FB 2015...

February 13

Fitzgerald: What is this Valentine's Day of which I've heard?
Jack: Holiday touted to be for lovers.
Patrick: A money-making bonanza for card makers, jewelers, and florists.
Lance: I represent that remark.
Henry: And proud of it. Don't forget bakers.
Brent: If you forget, expect a guilt trip.
Richard: Since it repeats every year on the same day, how is it you manage to forget?
Luck: Stating the obvious isn't helpful.
Tim: He isn't held accountable in his time period.
Todd: Easy to point fingers.
Ian: No matter. A man prefers to forget that which might reveal his vulnerabilities.
Dusty: True.
Eric: What man willingly risks being found wanting?
Jordan: Or risks hurting the love of his life inadvertently.
Mark: A holiday filled with traps and minefields.
Kevin: A dangerous proposition, no matter how you look at it.
Ken: Refusing to participate isn't an option.
Jacob: Unless you don't mind being an unfeeling jerk.
Karl: Spare me.
Joe: Not if you want the girl.
Alan: Buck up, gentlemen.
Leo: No matter the age, a man of honor desires to prove himself, like a knight of old, to the woman who holds his heart.
Dusty: Exactly.
Fitzgerald: Quite the conundrum.
Richard: Good luck.
Jack: Begging mercy might suit better.
Jordan: She's worth every agonizing moment.
Dusty: Yeah.
Richard: In which case, Happy Valentine's Day.

February 20

Luck: I see everyone's here.
Leo: Even Jonathan and the Thorns.
Lance: Quite the impressive gathering.
James: A proper send off.
Todd: What's the occasion?
Jack: A Happily Ever After celebration, for which our lady is well known.
Patrick: For whom?
Benjamin: The satisfactory conclusion of a beloved series.
Richard: Peopled with worthy souls.
Henry: One of our series is drawing to a close?
Jack: The incomparable Silver Locket Sisterhood.
Tim: They've enjoyed a good run.
Dusty: Congratulations.
Matthew: I remember their debut.
Jonathan: How time has flown.
Lance: Five books spanning three continents and seventeen years.
Brent: Stories of honor, hope, and home.
Fitzgerald: Bravo, gentleman.
Jack: Last words?
Jordan: God holds us in the fire until He sees His reflection in us, and His timing is perfect.
Ian: God creates miracles using imperfect souls.
Eric: God's plan is always better.
Mark: God never intended us to wait for love but to love every day, as He does.
Luck: God overcomes evil, every time.
Jack: Godspeed, gentlemen.

June 1

Fitzgerald: Our numbers are sparse, this day.
Richard: Indeed.
Leo: Is a search party in order?
Richard: I think not.
Jack: No doubt the other heroes will all return soon enough and probably before our Lady is prepared to entertain them.
Leo: You're certain?
Jack: This isn't the first time our numbers have been few.
Karl: What happened, this time?
Jack: Our Lady's dance card has been a bit crowded of late.
Ken: She went dancing?
Jack: It's a figure of speech. You have such things in your time.
Richard: Jack, you're too vague.
Fitzgerald: He enjoys being cryptic.
Jack: Dancing isn't cryptic.
Leo: Depends on your point of view.
Fitzgerald: It matters not. All that matters is will she return soon?
Daniel: If she leaves us hanging around here, I'm leaving.
Jack: She never abandons her own. She attended the famous Dreamin' Convention.
Richard: I remember. She attended last year.
Jack: She's always attended as a reader. This year, she attended as an author.
Richard: Well done.
Leo: Did she have an enjoyable time? She needed some laughter.
Jack: She missed some old friends who weren't able to attend but also made some new friends, and yes, she laughed.
Richard: Good to hear it.
Jack: Yes, she'll be back to revealing secrets in no time.
Fitzgerald: It's decidedly unsettling to know one's secrets will be unearthed.
Karl: I could have gone my whole life not knowing she's going to do that.
Daniel: Revealing my secrets? I may leave, anyway.
Leo: Too late.
Jack: Not to worry, Daniel. She only writes HEA.
Todd: Happily Ever After, right?
Jack: Precisely.
Richard: I don't know why the rest of you are grumbling. I'm the one who has been delayed.
Jack: She takes no pleasure in falling behind.
Leo: What may we do?
Fitzgerald: Send flowers?
Daniel: Chocolate.
Richard: Cooperate.
Todd: Appreciate her.
Jack: Our thanks, my lady.
Fitzgerald: Now, please do put pen to paper in a more timely fashion.

December 24

Jack: Calling the meeting to order.
Leo: We have meetings?
Jack: We do now.
Richard: What has brought this about?
Jack: Nefarious social media hides our lady's communication.
Leo: Bah! We must not allow this to continue.
Fitzgerald: Shall I challenge them to a dual?
Trent: Wrong century.
Fitzgerald: How do we right this wrong?
Carson: Stand down, gentlemen.
Leo: We can't allow this to continue.
Trent: Not a problem. She's appearing again.
Leo: Excellent.
Fitzgerald: I do not trust this social media.
Carson: A wise man.
Leo: If all's well, why are we here?
Jack: An event worthy of notice.
Richard: The most important day of the year.
Leo: Easter isn't for a few months yet.
Richard: Without the birth, there would be no Atonement.
Carson: The calm before the storm.
Trent: Merry Christmas.
Jack: Happy Christmas.

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