Thursday, September 26, 2013

Khon Kaen Candy...

Sorry, no actual recipe. I know. Bummer.

This was a favorite treat when I lived in Khon Kaen. It reminded me of peanut brittle, only instead of hard it flaked like a puff pasty. Actually, it reminds me of Butterfingers only without the chocolate and not nearly as orange.

Peanuts are used in a lot of Thai recipes. Peanut sauce or simply the crushed nuts sprinkled everywhere.

For the record, I did a careful search, choosing words that hopefully wouldn't lead me to sites I didn't want or need to see, and didn't come up with anything useful. As a medical transcriber, I learned early how to search the web without accidentally finding sites I didn't want to find. A few searches have still landed me in some places I wish I could wash from my brain, even at only a glance. The "back" key is a great tool.

Hadn't intended this post to turn into web search awareness. The web is an amazing place. Some people use it for good. Some do not. I choose to be an influence for good. 

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