Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Writing Rules...

The Writer's Refuge blog is one I follow with instant notifications. It's a great blog.


As an avid reader, I don't agree with any of those rules. They've lumped all readers into the same bag and declared what we all want. I hate that.

Some of my friends want dialogue. Some want descriptions of the setting. Some want action right off. I've read books that start with a lightning flash or a clap of thunder or a calm sea, and it puts me right in the story. I wouldn't recommend it for every book.

I've read some prologues that should have been dumped. They were back-story that could have been more effectively woven into the main body of work. There are other prologues I'm glad were there. They contained necessary information I'm glad didn't clutter the story later.

I hate reading 'he said' and 'she said.' Once in a while is okay, but I love the variety of substitutes for 'said.' Yes, there are those who don't use them well, but when an author does a single word paints a whole new perspective. I see over and over the complaint of using 'hiss' as a substitute for 'said.' Is it overused? Yes. However, I've read dialogue where hissed worked effectively (not only in Harry Potter).

I've read books that followed these rules, and they bored me to tears. I skimmed them and the author went on my NRA (Never-Read-Again) list.

Looking at my favorite authors, they've broken all three rules on a regular basis.

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