Thursday, April 10, 2014

It's a beautiful day...

My arm still can't straighten fully. Bah. It can't bend completely. Bah. It is strengthening, and I'm able to do a little more every day. Yay!

My ankle is still swollen, with a bit of black and blue bruising. Bah. I'm able to walk normally, if I walk slowly. I'm very careful to keep my foot straight. This morning, I walked a little over a half mile. Yay!

What has been good about this debacle?

I've made sleep a priority. I feel better.

I've made eating better a priority. I feel better.

I've made exercising a little each day and moving my arm throughout the day a priority. I feel better.

I've also discovered the wonder of frankincense. It's wonderfully calming. Frankincense helps with inflammation. So does rosemary.

I'm not able to write a lot, yet. My arm tires quickly. However, it means I must focus on what I want to put on the page, sort it in my head so my limited writing isn't wasted.

Hmmm... yep, I'm done with this post because my arm is done. :-)

God bless.

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