Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Dreamin' Convention 2015

What an amazing weekend! This was my fourth year attending. The previous three years, I attended as a reader. It was relaxed and fun. I met new friends and found new authors I enjoy reading.

This year, I attended, for the first time, as an author. Exciting and scary.

Buildin' the Dream

This portion of the conference is for writers, with a variety of workshops offered. I always wish I could clone myself so I could attend all of them.

I taught a workshop on a writer's environment. I taught a similar workshop, last year, but I've learned a lot since then in my efforts to create a more receptive environment for my own writing. I hope those who attended gleaned something helpful.

Arizona Dreamin'

This is the event for readers. The amazing team that created and runs AD, arranges the schedule, set up, the Man of Our Dream contest, and entertainment. The weekend is jam-packed.

The readers choose 7 book clubs sponsored by featured authors, have lunch with an author, and dinner with an author. Each author prepares their own book clubs.

I had two goals going into this event:

1. Participate as an author. I'm a bit of an introvert...definitely an introvert. This would require I step out from behind my safe wall of reserve. More than once, I wanted to chicken out. I didn't. Success!

2. I wanted to make my portion of the event as much fun as possible for my readers and those willing to give me a chance. I hope they had fun.

I found another author I enjoy, Lynn Peters, and added a couple to my want-to-try list.

The next Convention is in 2017.

This year's Man of Our Dreams contestants:

James, the blond holding me, won the contest two years ago and coaches the guys competing. I feel like I know James, at least a little bit, so felt comfortable letting him hold me. All the guys are charming. They flirted and made themselves available all weekend, from chatting to helping out by fetching and carrying. They're delightful. Thank you, gentleman. It was fun.

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