Thursday, November 5, 2015


I write Happily Ever After not Perfectly Ever After.

Many people... okay, most people believe that the fairy tale HEA means the couple has no more troubles. All their strife is over. Everything is smooth sailing. The couple never has another difficulty. Everything is perfect.

Perfectly Ever After.

One is able to be happy in the midst of trials and tribulations. Life would be miserable if we couldn't. I don't know about anyone else, but in my life strife doesn't end. Smooth sailing is the calm before the storm. Difficulties abound. Everything is decidedly imperfect. This does not keep me from being happy. In fact, joy is often found in overcoming a weakness, surviving pain with grace, and helping someone else who is struggling.

The point of the HEA in a story isn't that the couple never has another obstacle to overcome. HEA means they will face their dilemmas and troubles together. HEA means they no longer need to stand alone. When one is drowning the other throws a flotation device. They give each other a hand over the stumbling blocks and rejoice together. They are happy.

Happily Ever After.

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