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The Regency period represents a turning point in history, balanced between the past and the future. In England, 1816, the year without summer due to a volcanic eruption, the war is over and the world is changing. A new season begins for the Thorn family. Being one of the Thorn children promises difficulties, unless they bend to the will of their father whose interests lie in wheedling his way into the peerage, seeking power and money. Loving a Thorn child isn't easy either. They've learned the painful lesson of guarding their hearts.

Dark schemes lurk, riddled with twisted intentions bent on the destruction of those who refuse to bend to its will. Hopeless dreams awaken, and doors open to new paths, for those who dare to brave them. The worlds of class differences and propriety clash, and complications abound. Torn between the possibilities hidden in the future and the secrets of the past, choices must be made, before time runs out and the past catches up, deciding the future for them.

Shattered trust and faith may tear souls apart, unless they unearth the courage to embrace the truth. Honor demands choosing the right way, the hard way, God's way. No matter the age, God is there and He never abandons His own.

Books in series: 5

Genre: Christian Inspirational Regency Romance

Available wherever ebooks are sold and in paperback at Amazon.

Secondary characters in the following books demanded their own  stories and so was born the series Endless Knights. More on that later.

One Directive

In 1816 England, James Thorn, by his father's command, must marry a titled lady in exchange for his inheritance. He is granted one Season in London to accomplish the task or lose everything.

Two Stumbling Blocks

James suspects his inheritance is not as lucrative as intimated. The young lady for whom he must sacrifice his soul in order to inherit may not be worth the price.

And an Unexpected Distraction

Lily Milton, housemaid, earns the unenviable role of conspirator in her mistress' plan to hoodwink the young lady's suitor, none other than Lily's own knight in shining armor. Darker schemes lurk, with twisted intentions bent on destruction, but God never abandons His own.

George Budge is a military man. He's survived the army for over seven years. The night before the battle at Waterloo, he endeavors to impart to his protégé what matters most.

Taken under George's wing when he joins the army, fifteen-year-old drummer Leo stands on the brink, more man than boy, facing the fight of his young life.

Life's unexpected twists demand uncommon fortitude, dogged determination, and unfailing courage. From time to time, God sends a pair of unlikely angels.

Will Leo accept the vagaries of war and choose death or allow God to reveal another way and step through the door with the boldness for which his mentor nicknamed him?

Loyalty and Devotion

Hannah Budge married one of her dearest friends to protect her honor and her other best friend, the man she loves. The death of her husband leaves her vulnerable to the advances of a man she loathes, the father of the man she loves.

Betrayal and Revenge

Benjamin Thorn always planned to marry Hannah, until his two best friends betrayed him. They made their choice, and he made his. With his dream dead, he throws himself into other pursuits, until he must save Hannah from his own father.

Love and Grace

Hurt and suspicion will tear them apart forever, unless they choose to trust God and each other...

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