Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Reluctant Knight is in...

Today, I will celebrate with a friend.

I love Richard, and I'm so proud of Cassandra.

Back to working on Secondhand Samhain. I think I have the next novella sort of mapped.

Yesterday, I was dazzled by the sunny skies and the pattering rain. I stared at the clear sky overhead. A few clouds dotted the sky, but nothing that looked like rain clouds. Fanciful. The wonder of the moment is in what else I saw. A hawk circled above a flock of birds; I'm guessing pigeons. I would have missed it had the clouds been thicker, and I wouldn't have looked up if I hadn't been mystified by the sunshine and rain. Amazing.

God is good.

(These are pictures from a month or two ago. I love wispy clouds, and the way they collect color.)

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