Saturday, December 26, 2015

Conversation between Heroes 24 December

Jack: Calling the meeting to order.
Leo: We have meetings?
Jack: We do now.
Richard: What has brought this about?
Jack: Nefarious social media hides our lady's communication.
Leo: Bah! We must not allow this to continue.
Fitzgerald: Shall I challenge them to a dual?
Trent: Wrong century.
Fitzgerald: How do we right this wrong?
Carson: Stand down, gentlemen.
Leo: We can't allow this to continue.
Trent: Not a problem. She's appearing again.
Leo: Excellent.
Fitzgerald: I do not trust this social media.
Carson: A wise man.
Leo: If all's well, why are we here?
Jack: An event worthy of notice.
Richard: The most important day of the year.
Leo: Easter isn't for a few months yet.
Richard: Without the birth, there would be no Atonement.
Carson: The calm before the storm.
Trent: Merry Christmas.
Jack: Happy Christmas.

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