Thursday, December 17, 2015

Reluctant Knight in paperback...

For those who prefer paperback, Reluctant Knight is now available, along with all the other Laurel Hawkes titles.

The Rebellious Damsel

A baron's spoiled daughter, Cassandra Treyman's plans to escape her parents goes awry, and she determines to burn the Bible of the maid who ruined everything. One word captures her attention: Forgiveness. Is it too late?

The Reluctant Knight

Heir to his father's shipping empire, Richard Carrington's wealth fails to make a tradesman's son suitable for a baron's daughter. Her parents prefer to bargain her to an unknown suitor in India, a man Richard suspects may not exist. Why pursue an unattainable woman?

The World

Unscrupulous men and women conspire to gain what they desire no matter the cost to anyone else. Honorable men and women do what they may to follow God and aid in His work to save souls. Follow the world or follow God. Which will they choose? The consequences may cost more than they can afford.

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