Thursday, April 7, 2016


Yesterday, I participated in Writers In The Storm's writing event. This is their third. I enjoy them.

Having said that, my brain is fried. However, the good news is I added 4707 words to Leap of Faith Day. Finished! And sent it to my editor.

As my reward, I'm reading Diane Gaston's latest Regency romance Bound by One Scandalous Night, which I have been patiently saving until I finished the novella. Diane has been a wonderful encourager in my writing.


  1. Writing events are fun. I did a short one recently, as part of a year-long thing I'm participating in called Get Your Words Out. For GYWO, I have chosen a target word count to reach by the end of the year, and each month I report how many words I wrote that month. There is a useful spreadsheet for keeping track of progress. It's keeping me focused on getting my words out, though I must admit, I am behind where I should be this far into the year, according to the suggested goals for each month. But that's okay!

    1. I like that idea! I must admit that my writing 50 words a day really does keep me writing, every day. Not always as much as I'd like, but I rarely have a day when I skip writing now.