Thursday, July 14, 2016

Change is coming...

I need to upgrade my computer. I love the one I have. I hate shopping for electronics. I want it over.

There's no going around, only through. There will be a learning curve.

A new computer also means a new modem, new surge protector/battery backup, and Word program. I have an old Word program that is no longer supported. I'll need to learn what's changed.

My computer is too old to handle some of the faster speeds. We won't say anything about me being too old to handle some of the faster speeds.

Blessedly, God has placed people in my life who understand these things and are happy to help.

I've traded out computers four times, now. Not one was a smooth transition. There was frustration and tears. I accept change is inevitable, but this does not mean I handle it well. So, God gives me an opportunity to learn. I'm not always gracious about the lessons He provides. Need to work on that, and I know He'll provide.

I trust God wants good for me. I will endeavor to embrace the good and give the frustration to God.


  1. I'll definitely be praying for you through this decision-making and transition time. It's not easy to admit that something you're familiar and comfortable with isn't getting the job done any more and you have to move on. Praying the changeover is as effortless and free of annoying problems as possible -- and that you fall in love with your new machine very quickly!

    1. Thank you, Margaret! I think I'll wait until the current WIP is turned in and through editing so I don't have to think about the little changes that will be made in upgrading my Word program. One of these days, when things settle a bit with you :-) , I'll have you walk me through saving my bookmarks, again. ;-)

    2. Sounds like a plan! I'll brush up on my Mac skills so I'm the best helper possible. ;-) Are you planning to get a Mac again?

    3. Definitely. :-) I may even wait until Black Friday, depending on how things go.