Monday, August 7, 2017

Romance Appreciation Month

The beginning:

Endless Possibilities series...

Every story starts with "What if..."

The Regency period represents a turning point in history, balanced between the past and the future. In England, 1816, the year without summer due to a volcanic eruption, the war is over and the world is changing. A new season begins for the Thorn family. Being one of the Thorn children promises difficulties, unless they bend to the will of their father whose interests lie in wheedling his way into the peerage, seeking power and money. Loving a Thorn child isn't easy either. They've learned the painful lesson of guarding their hearts.

Dark schemes lurk, riddled with twisted intentions bent on the destruction of those who refuse to bend to its will. Hopeless dreams awaken, and doors open to new paths, for those who dare to brave them. The worlds of class differences and propriety clash, and complications abound. Torn between the possibilities hidden in the future and the secrets of the past, choices must be made, before time runs out and the past catches up, deciding the future for them.

Shattered trust and faith may tear souls apart, unless they unearth the courage to embrace the truth. Honor demands choosing the right way, the hard way, God's way. No matter the age, God is there and He never abandons His own.

The historical adventure begins here...

A Promise of Possibilities ~ August 21, 2012 Jonathan Silverton and Elizabeth (Ellie) Thorn 

In 1816, Spinster Elizabeth Thorn serves more as a slave than a servant as her father's housekeeper. The courageous war stories penned by Paul Silver inspire her to correspond with him, but after years of heartfelt letters, he ceases replying. Her father accepts a lucrative marriage bargain on her behalf, and her dream of sharing her life with a kindred spirit withers.

Jonathan Silverton blames himself for failing his best friend. To escape his shame, he moves to the countryside and meets none other than the woman he wrote for a decade. He dares not reveal his secrets, but he will not deny his desire to marry her.

Secrets breed distrust and misunderstandings. The past refuses to stay buried.

Shattered trust and faith may tear them apart...unless they each discover the courage to embrace the truth.

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