Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pirating sites...

The last few weeks, I've been dealing with removing my work from pirating sites.

Two types of sites:

1. Offers work for free, without the permission of the author/artist. No one makes money.
2. Offers work for a price, but without the permission of the author/artist. The site takes all the money.

I've found my books on both.

Neither one is honest.

Is it only me who finds it disturbing that they steal a Christian romance?

It's stressful to have to consider the legalities and deal with sending out "Cease and Desist" letters and consulting a lawyer. I would rather be writing.

Some authors don't bother. I considered that route. However, I have the right to protect myself and my work. Others do not have the right to use me and my work anyway they want. I'm learning a lesson in standing up for myself. I do what I'm able and endeavor to turn it over to God. Some days are easier than others.

God is in control. :-)

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