Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The 2014 hunt has begun...

Brent: Make her stop.
Richard: What troubles you?
Fitzgerald: He's next.
Patrick: I thought everyone wanted their story told.
Ian: It depends.
Kevin: On what?
Benjamin: What secrets you hold.
Joe: You don't mean our lady reveals them, do you?
Jack: In painful detail.
Fitzgerald: You're a bit subdued.
Richard: Jack's in the queue behind Brent.
Dusty: Tough Luck
Brent: Low blow.
Fitzgerald: Clever.
Jack: Your time is coming.
Dusty: I'm ready.
Benjamin: Trust me. You only think you are.
Todd: Cheer up, gentlemen.
Brent: Why?
Todd: She likes us.
Brent: Not a comforting thought.
Kevin: Of course it is.
Brent: Bring out the Crayons.
Richard: Crayons?
Jack: Paints, without the water or oil.
Fitzgerald: How do you know these things?
Jack: She considered making my story a time travel adventure.
Richard: She didn't.
Jack: She changed her mind.
Todd: A woman's prerogative.
Ken: Is there a way to resign?
Brent: At least you've been delayed for a year.
Ken: Anticipation isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Jack: Enough grumbling, gentlemen.
Leo: She does guarantee a happily ever after.
Benjamin: After she pulls you through a knothole backward.
Ian: Any other pleasant thoughts?
Brent: Happy St. Patrick's Day.

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