Thursday, March 3, 2016

Posts About Me 5

This is the fifth in a series of posts about me. I hope these help you decide my books are worth the read. I also hope they help save time for those who have no interest in my books. I know there's nothing more disappointing than expecting one kind of book and discovering what I'm reading isn't something I'm interested in reading. Not all books in a single genre are the same. Authors in the same genre are as different as football players on the same team and cupcake bakers. A lot of similarities but no two are alike.

Endless Possibilities series had an interesting start.

I used to write Lord of the Rings Fan Fiction (taking the original story and giving it your own twist). Someone who followed my story emailed and suggested I write a historical romance. I didn't think I could. Creating a whole world of my own intimidated me. I wrote back and told her I simply didn't have the gift for it. About fifteen minutes later, I wrote again and told her I'd give it a whirl. The worst I could do was fail. I'd done a lot of failing in my life; what was one more thing?

My early romance reading was Regency by Elizabeth Mansfield, clean, sweet. I own them all.

I didn't intend to start out writing Christian. As I wrote, it slipped in. I finally stopped fighting it.

A Promise of Possibilities was under a different title and rejected. I learned some things, like no head hopping. To make it work, I rewrote the book. By the time I finished, about half the book was new.

I hadn't planned to write a series. I liked Ellie's brother. One thing lead to another.

Hidden Possibilities told her middle brother's story. I wanted to explore amnesia. I was going through a time in my life when I wished I could forget the past and start over new. Amnesia opened the door. As I studied, I realized forgetting everything doesn't solve anything. In fact, it created more problems than it solved.

Unexpected Possibilities told Ellie's oldest brother's story. He would be the most likely to follow in their father's footsteps. What would happen if the right woman didn't appeal and the completely wrong woman captivated the hero instead?

As I contemplated the youngest brother's story, he wasn't supposed to have his own story. His romance would be interwoven with one of the others. Best laid plans. I was sidetracked by the youngest brother's best friend. The problem was he died, before the series even started. Desert Breeze Publishing offered the perfect solution: A free short story. I still had to figure out how to tell George's story. He dies. Leo solved the problem, but then I had to figure out how he ties into the youngest brother's story. I thought the title rather apt: Impossibilities.

The last story in the Thorn saga is Grace's Possibilities. The youngest brother did not start out the way he ended up being written. As I became acquainted with him, I didn't like him. How do you take an unlikable hero and make him likable? He has to change. It doesn't matter he has his reasons for being the way he is. He needs to change. As much as I wanted the heroine to be the change, I knew he needed a God change.

There are scenes I still remember vividly from each of the books.

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