Thursday, February 6, 2014

Learning to be grateful...

Lately, I’ve read a number of blogs about living abundantly and enjoying life.

They invariably mention their concern about wasting time or resources.

What interests me more is that they fail to recognize their own contradiction.

They talk about how happy they are and then lament how they may not be living up to their full potential. Am I the only one who sees a problem with their thinking?

January was insane for me with finishing a novel for my publisher and a novella I published myself.

I was worried. Who wouldn’t be?

However, the following thought process popped into my head:

Did I true believe I wouldn’t succeed? I kept saying that I trusted God to help me. Did I believe what I was saying or didn’t I?

Then a more insidious question niggled into my brain:

Do I believe that if I worry then I am somehow being virtuous? Have I elevated worry to the level of proof I take my responsibilities and concerns seriously?

Which brought me back to the beginning.

So many of us talk about the importance of being happy and living life to the fullest, etc, etc, etc, but when we do we manage to find something wrong with how we are going about it or look for the potential of something being wrong. Isn’t it hypocritical to tout the importance of living life full out and at the same time sanctimoniously (whether we recognize it or not) decrying living too abundantly?

Either you choose abundance or you don’t. Playing like you’re choosing abundance but still decrying the evils of living too happily must surely be one of the biggest lies ever uttered because you’re not only lying to those you’re preaching your message but you’re lying to yourself and to God.

How’s that you ask?

You thank God for all your blessings even as you question their worth.

Many years ago, a friend grew tired of my inability to accept a compliment. She finally demanded, “Say thank you and shut up.” Now, I’m going to learn how to “Enjoy and shut up.”

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