Thursday, February 27, 2014

Turning your life over to God...

If you want your life to explode in your face and become unimaginably difficult, tell God you're turning your life over to Him.

There's a reason He repeatedly counsels us to be not afraid. He knows us.

We play it safe, even when we think we're daring. We push our limits but calculate the risks as we go along. It's common sense. It's wise.

God knows we underestimate ourselves, all the time. God has promised all things are possible with Him. He meant it. The problem comes when we attempt to do all things and don't invite Him along.

This year, I determined to turn my life over to God.

My life, as I knew it, blew up in my face. I survived. I always do.

God shakes up my world and requires I rethink, reconsider, and reconstruct. Each time, He hopes I'll weave Him more deeply into my soul. I pray I do.

He never abandons His children even when we can't see Him. He's there.

The difficult part for me is to shut off the logic, the wisdom, the common sense, the need to be in control, the myriad emotions, and close my eyes and not search for God with my eyes but with my heart and allow Him to do what I think is illogical, insane, and impractical. When I allow God control, peace and clarity grab hold, even when it's mixed with my own confusion because I don't understand the pattern. Gradually, the pattern reveals itself, and it's always better than anything I could create alone.

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