Saturday, January 8, 2011

Life is an adventure...

...and it's been a bit more adventurous than usual of late. PTBW has taken an unexpected turn. Where I'm headed, now, I do not know. I am taking it one day at a time. Everything, ultimately, is in God's capable Hands. I'm endeavoring to trust Him. In truth, I should have known this was coming.

My Christmas Gifts to myself, this coming year:
1. Physical Health
~more fresh foods
~fewer frozen dinners
~walk/move 30 minutes 5x a week
2. Writing
~finish the self-help book
~finish two novels (this isn't as spectacular as it sounds, since I have a completed manuscript that needs editing and a dozen other stories in varying stages of completeness)
3. God's Plan
~endeavor to trust and follow Him
4. Forgive myself
5. End negative tapes
~replace with counting my blessings
6. Continue Just-Because-It's Tuesday Presents
7. Use food storage.

So far, so good. I knew I was setting myself up for a bumpy ride with #3, but it's a non-negotiable. The only way to affect positive change is to allow God in, as all good things come from God.

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