Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Coming tomorrow...

The Silver Locket Sisterhood series book one: Luck in Love

Sara Budge is determined to break the chain of abuse. Luck Williams is desperate to leave nightmares in the past. Neither plans on finding romance when they each choose Yellowstone National Park as their escape plan.

In 1983, Yellowstone National Park beckons to Sara Budge. With no plans for the future, except her determination to escape the abusive habits of her past, housekeeping at Lake Hotel for the summer offers the possibility of a safe haven while she decides what to do with the rest of her life. All she wants or needs is a fresh start, but the past always catches up...

Luck Williams doesn't believe peace will ever be his again, but he can't resist the opportunity handed to him to photograph his favorite place on earth. Even caught up in the pristine beauty he is unable to escape the haunting nightmares of one horrific day. His hard won lesson regarding the fragility and capriciousness of life leaves no room for romance...but God has other plans.